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‘La Raza’ President Calls Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protestors ‘Appalling’ and ‘Outrageous’

“La Raza” President and CEO Janet Murguia appeared on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner show to smear American citizens in Murrieta who forced buses full of illegal aliens to drive away when immigration officials tried to dump them in their community.

Wagner lead the outrage by asking, “when you see the footage of these furious crowds yelling go home, go home… I think it brings – I will say personally found it to be a shameful moment to be an American to see people treated like that… people seeking a new day in America. What is also confounding to me, these people apparently are able to dictate deportation policy insofar as 150 anti-immigrant protesters turned the buses around. What was your reaction?”

Murguia answered,  “I agree with you, it is appalling and outrageous to see that this group of extremists and really… um.. uh, really lending themselves a vigilantes were able to control an outcome, determine an outcome. We have to honor a process. These buses were filled with women and mostly children, children who are escaping violence and gangs in their countries.”

Interesting how Americans have to honor our laws, in order to protect those who don’t at all. I have no problem with America treating these poor people humanely – it would be against our American values if we treated them poorly. But, they have to be deported. If we allow them to stay, we just encourage more to come.

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  • Latin2

    I used to be in MEChA back in the day, and the leadership of MEChA was extremely racist, not only towards whites, but also racist towards blacks and Asians. I remember talking to some in the leadership and they were racist towards anyone who wasn’t Mexican or Mexican-American.

  • Latin2

    Not only does Illegal Immigration effect all Americans, but it really effects the poor and students looking for work. Illegal immigration adds more people in the low end job pool who are willing to do more for less and compete against poor whites, especially poor blacks AND POOR LATINO Americans.

    Right now we don’t more illegals…we need more jobs. Adding more illegals only adds more people looking for the shrinking number of jobs already out there for the poor.

  • mikeh420

    How funny that an organization called The Race, complains about others being racist.

    Nada por La Raza porque no vale verga.

  • mikeh420

    They’re just Equal Opportunity Haters.

    Movimiento Estudantil Chingado de Aztlan

  • Latin2

    They say they are fleeing drug cartels in Central America, but most Americans don’t know this but the Central American drug gangs STARTED IN LOS ANGELES (and still run from there) and moved their operations down to Central American countries.

    So the problem of the Central American drug gangs is in the USA, not in Central America. It spreads out of the USA into Central America.

  • gastorgrab

    The left is panicked right now. This elaborate drama was all supposed to play out much differently than it is unfolding, and everything is going wrong.

    Had the plan worked smoothly, Americans all over the nation would (they thought) would be coming together to demand that the “poor immigrants” be allowed to stay. They could in the same action, unite the country in a show of national compassion, and vilify all those who objected.

    But it was a manufactured crisis. And the left didn’t care how many people got hurt. It was all just a way to manipulate politics on a national scale.

    But now they plan has gone haywire, and they’re scared. They don’t know what to do except stick to the scripted lies they had rehearsed. And not one of them is concerned with the trail of very real dead bodies that they failed plan has produced. Their only concern is for themselves.