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Here Are All of ‘Feminist’ Activist Kathy Groob’s RACIST Deleted Tweets Against Asians

Wow things got dirty in the “Fancy Farm” political event’s hashtag today when an “equal rights” activist supporting Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes attacked her Republican opponent’s wife for being Asian! Here are all the deleted tweets from Kathy Groob’s “feminist” Twitter account:





Stay classy, democrats!


Here’s a tepid apology to shut up you silly Asians!

kgroob - tweets 01

Oh ok, it’s all better now.


LOL! Look at what I found!!



Of course, it must not be ignored that this was an attack on an Asian WOMAN, by an “equal rights” advocate feminist!

kathy groob - tweets

Oh you liberal hypocrites.. you make politics so much fun!


The GROOBSTER has privated her account! Ostensibly so she can tweet racist things about Asians in private. As one of my Twitter pals wondered – how do you do Public Relations with a privated account? That probably isn’t great for business….

[editor’s note: Post has been updated with new information and privated tweets replaced with screencaps.]

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  • SeanInNYC

    Are there comments racist? I’d say they’re quite tactless, even for a “progressive”, but pointing out that his wife is from China isn’t racist. How is it different from pointing out, say, Huma Abedin’s background and her families ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Those links were important to find out, so we’d have to throw out that baby with the bathwater.

  • Privacy Violation

    While Kathy Groob was very clearly tweeting while racist in support of Alison Grimes. – and she admitted as much to someone else in a now-deleted tweet – it’s still highly doubtful Ms. Grimes will ever be asked to repudiate the baldly racist & bizarrely sexist rant one of her most prominent supporters chose to unleash on her behalf, as any Republican candidate would most certainly would be compelled to do had Groob been a Republican rather than a partisan Democrat and hadn’t authored the pseudo-feminist Pink Politics Guide to Getting [Democratic] Women Elected.

    Goodness, leftists & Democrats are really letting their masks slip this year, aren’t they? Turns out that while they dearly love to accuse everyone else of racism and misogyny, behind closed doors (&/or left unsupervised with a twitter account) they are among the worst offenders. Particularly the ‘pink’ ones! True colors indeed.

  • Steven Larson

    The posts weren’t racist. That said, they were childish, ignorant, hypocritical, moronic and typical of the modern liberal. This Kathy Groob sounds like a real piece of work. Kudos, Supermex, for exposing this piece of human garbage.

  • Leslie Leonard

    Well I am gonna throw this out there… I know one of our states changed the name of the Asian Carp because that thought that it was racist and offensive to use Asian. Sooo, they changed the name to Invasive Carp. Now I will tell you that I am not 100 percent sure that this passed but obviously someone thinks that Asian is offensive in our govt. (probably because they are an idiot, but like I said I am just throwing this out there)

  • disqus_KEs0cRmK34

    It is only racist when republicans say it because ‘we know what they are really thinking and what they really mean…’
    Democrats: 100% projection & nobody does it better.

  • Vail Beach

    The posts were racist in addition to all that. Otherwise, why delete them? Why did the KY Democrats say they were “abhorrent?” To call her his “Chinese wife?” Substitute “black” or “Latino” and see how that sits.

    What’s obvious is Southern Dems wanting it both ways — pandering to what they perceive is racism in their base, while going through the motions of apology to maintain credibility with liberal funders.

  • Rastus

    Now she’s backtracking and saying it was a “poor choice of words”. No, Ms Groob, saying “between” when you mean “among” is a poor choice of words. This was racism. This was bigotry. Pointing out that (nudge,nudge) she’s not “one of us”, so don’t vote for MM. Why do these sleazy political operatives always think the voters are stupid? We know what you meant. Look at her background. You’re not fit to shine her shoes.

  • my2cts

    Business as usual. Nothing to see (or read) here folk’s.The problem is, the Average American doesn’t have the time to pay attention. They’re too busy WORKING! It’s kind of like the used car salesman. Once you’ve earned your reputation, you get to keep it!

  • Alfred Hussein Neuman

    Isn’t Kathy Groob just a dump liberal cunt?

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  • CharlieSeattle

    Please have Mitch McConnell explain this tidbit?

    90 Pounds of Cocaine Seized aboard Ship Owned by Mitch McConnell’s Family
    By Tim Brown | November 8, 2014

    Well, we have all known for some time that many politicians have been engaged in drug trafficking while playing the hypocrite and advancing the “war on drugs.” It’s now being reported (not by the mainstream media) that the Ping May, a cargo vessel owned by the in-laws of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, was boarded by Colombian inspectors and they discovered roughly ninety pounds of cocaine in forty separate packages.

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  • coffeenlucia

    She’s not from China. She’s from Taiwan. Also, Kathy Groobs failed to point out the connection of how Elaine being Asian would mean she’s not from Kentucky. She seems to think the two are mutually exclusive. However, for instance, I am of Asian descent but I’m from the US.

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