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Here Are All of ‘Feminist’ Activist Kathy Groob’s RACIST Deleted Tweets Against Asians

Wow things got dirty in the “Fancy Farm” political event’s hashtag today when an “equal rights” activist supporting Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes attacked her Republican opponent’s wife for being Asian! Here are all the deleted tweets from Kathy Groob’s “feminist” Twitter account:





Stay classy, democrats!


Here’s a tepid apology to shut up you silly Asians!

kgroob - tweets 01

Oh ok, it’s all better now.


LOL! Look at what I found!!



Of course, it must not be ignored that this was an attack on an Asian WOMAN, by an “equal rights” advocate feminist!

kathy groob - tweets

Oh you liberal hypocrites.. you make politics so much fun!


The GROOBSTER has privated her account! Ostensibly so she can tweet racist things about Asians in private. As one of my Twitter pals wondered – how do you do Public Relations with a privated account? That probably isn’t great for business….

[editor’s note: Post has been updated with new information and privated tweets replaced with screencaps.]

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