autopsy ferguson-1

A Tale of Three Autopsies!

autopsy ferguson-1

Here’s a prediction.. it doesn’t matter what they find in the autopsies. The Ferguson community has been so indoctrinated into a narrative that America hates blacks that even if there’s absolute evidence that Mike Brown precipitated the shooting they will still want that policeman strung up by his neck. Because this isn’t about this case anymore, it’s about racial justice for perceived grievances against whitey.

That’s why we’ll probably see this from the autopsy reports:



  • “Global Warming”? I thought it was “Climate Change”? Or is it “Extreme Weather”?

    It doesn’t matter. It was Bush who pulled the trigger and shot him in the back from the front.

  • Xen Mistress

    I heard this morning that a new video of by stander has him discussing with a neighbor and his account matches police officer and autopsy report. Basically, there was a confrontation in the car, MB got out and started running, then he turned around and started running toward the cop.

    Anyone who saw that convenience store strong arm can see that MB is a big and intimidating individual. The family will spin this just like the did with the strong arm video. With their own autopsy and the by stander account, they family will say there still is evidence that MB was running away then he got scared and tried to run in the other direction. He wasn’t heading for the cop he was trying to run around him.

    And Eric Holder did not help when he ordered a 3rd autopsy. I wish this administration were as meticulous with IRS scandal, Benghazi 4, and other things as they were with trying to race bait.

  • I thought the new term was climate “disruption”

  • Andy Capp

    LOL at Holder chipping in.

  • Brian Leininger

    Wait, Israel is not responsible for a death somewhere…..

  • ohio granny

    Why does it seem that anytime a black kid or in this case a young adult gets shot by a police officer, or someone they claim is a white Hispanic, the young person shot is always “a good kid”? They are never at fault even when attacking the person who shoots them? Or is it that too many people, especially blacks and the MSM, are too quick to put the blame anywhere but where the blame should be?

  • That’s a little ridiculous. There’s hundreds of cases that never reach this kind of treatment in the mainstream media that you never hear about. These kind of exaggerations don’t help.

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  • arnonerik

    Not a surprise when we have the race baiters, the communists, and the Black Panthers keeping folks stirred up while the Main Stream Media assists by obscuring the truth and fanning the flames. Now if Holder and Obama can get this thing to spread they can declare martial law and take away the rest of our rights.

  • That’s it! The term changes so often, no one can keep up with it.

  • syvyn11

    Thank GOD Holder is coming to help said NO ONE EVER!

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  • DeadMessenger

    We all have to go sometime, and I hope that when it’s Al Sharpton’s time, it’s a black gang member who does him in. The race baiters can jump in, “THAT GOOD KID WHO WAS PLANNING ON GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL IS…RAA…uh…RAAAAC…uh…hmmm.”