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Crazy Person at CNN: ‘How DARE WE’ Cut Off Flights From Liberia When American Slavery Created the Country!

Wow it sure didn’t take long for some nutty liberal to start crying racism about Ebola. David Quammen says we have a responsibility to allow Ebola-stricken visitors from Liberia into the United States because the country was created by our slave trade.

No really he said this.

From National Review who caught the interview:

“We in America, how dare we turn our backs on Liberia, given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American slavery?” he told Cooper. “We have a responsibility to stay connected with them, and help them see this through.”

Beginning in 1820, thousands of freed African-American slaves colonized a patch of western Africa with the help of prominent American abolitionists. They named that nation ”Liberia,” modeling their flag and political institutions after the United States.

America is always targeted as the greatest sinner in the slave trade, but most critics purposely ignore the role of other countries including non-European nations. And how is it better for us to expose ourselves to a dangerous virus instead of containing it?

Oops, that’s probably racist.

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  • Carla Mathis

    More liberal PC insanity. If we had the outbreak do you think Liberia would allow travel to their lil’ piece of paradise?

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  • TRE

    It hurts to know and speak facts. For starters, there were more than African slaves. There were White slaves, too, particularly the Irish. It was a different world.

    And now we’re all red yellow black and white slaves to multi-national corporations, manipulated and trapped by debts and dollars. Yet worse, people from every race are willingly slaves to self-destructive cultures.

    Believe you me, it would do much good to focus on pressing current issues than deliberate on African-slave-porn.

  • gastorgrab

    The Constitution is a contract between the American people and America government.

    The obligations of government do not apply to non-Americans. Government has no duty to comply with “diversity” standards, or to accommodate the interests of foreign nationals at the expense of Americans.

    American government ‘May Not Discriminate’ against Americans. But American government can and should discriminate against foreign interests for the benefit of the American people. Government is OUR attorney in every international conflict or disagreement we might find ourselves in. American government exists for the explicit purpose of advancing the interests of the American people. It has no reason to exist otherwise.

    By positioning themselves as both attorney (for) AND “moral” judge (of the American people), Progressive government has created a conflict of interest for itself.