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Here’s a Video of An Animal Activist Screeching Insanely at People Eating Chicken

There are few things funnier than a crazy insane person making a tearful impassioned speech about crazy insane things. That’s what makes this video of Kelly Atlas, animal rights weirdo, so hilarious. Watch as she exhorts people at a restaurant to stop eating chickens because “snow,” a chicken, is her daughter:

I’m not sure how she gave birth to a chicken or how that chicken ended up at a factory, but if any of that is true, that chicken should be taken away from her because she sounds like a very careless chicken-mom.

h/t Bryan Suits of KABC Los Angeles

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  • Guest

    I wonder if she’s pro-abortion?

  • NRPax

    This is why we used to put people in institutions.

  • GHerblabnik

    “Snow” was that white or dark meat? Now I’m hungry.

  • MicahStone

    Against fried chicken ??!! Got to be a RACIST!!
    Next she’ll probably go after watermelon eaters!

  • LRRP

    If I were in that restaurant I’d have found a chicken leg and stood right in front of her, eating it slowly with great relish.

    I’m tired of trying not to step on the ‘sensibilities’ of these idiots.

    Hey lady: it’s called the food chain. You’re on top. Deal with it!

  • gastorgrab

    Isn’t kinda cruel to keep animals as pets?

    She’s an awful person!

  • RKae

    If you want to see her “daughter,” check out the Kids in the Hall’s “Chicken Lady” sketch.


  • Wrong. She’s at the bottom.

  • They say the youth is wasted on the young except I’m glad I grew up with this show.

  • MPry

    Welllll…this explains the Obama re-election. These nut bag liberals are his core voters.

  • A case could be made that well off white liberal women can afford to be weird & eccentric everyone else has to work for a living.

  • gastorgrab

    So eating eggs would be OK then?

  • LRRP


    Well, you are what you eat… (Which kinda explains vegetarians!)

  • Dick_Gosinya

    Just another crazy redhead running the neighborhood. Nothing to see here folks. Please move along.

    All kidding aside, I bet she’s sizzling hot when her hair grown out and under the proper influence of her “happy meds”.

  • OMaR Antpant

    Que Pendeja, me hizo acordar de esta canción: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnBlst3T7bY

  • Colonel_Bat_Guano

    It is food, you’re nuts.

  • FireBlogger

    Where is ISIS when they could really be of use. 🙂