mary landrieu

Everyone point and laugh at Mary Landrieu being ABANDONED by Democrats in Louisiana runoff!!

mary landrieu

As if conservatives needed any more reason to laugh at Democrats massive failure this election, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has pulled nearly two million dollars they were going to put into television ads in Louisiana to support Mary Landrieu in the run-off election.

Watch below:

It’s almost as if Landrieu’s strategy of calling Southerners racist didn’t work out for her. Hmmm….

Landrieu didn’t perform as well as she should have in the open primary election, and so the Democrats have cut bait and basically kissed that senate seat goodbye! Thanks Democrats!!

  • I swear, it’s like my birthday and Christmas covered in chocolate and ordnance.

  • gastorgrab

    If “everyone deserves and equal chance” regardless of merit (the Liberal mantra), it is an act of hypocrisy for the DNC to abandon Landrieu.

    Should should get their funding just because she’s a woman.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    I think you are right. This is a WAR ON WOMEN, obviously. And just as obviously, RACISM, since Landreau was simply speaking the truth: all Southerners are right-wing racist bigots who hate women (which is why she was elected three times). Makes perfect sense to ME…

  • Percival

    Well, if the Dems had still had a shot at maintaining their majority, they would spend that much and more. But since that is out of reach…

    Mary Landrieu’s company isn’t worth two drinks and a cheap dinner, let alone $2M.

  • thetruthdealer

    nice she was worthless