How To Make Liberals Cry and Protect Their Twitter Accounts Without Really Trying

It’s not even one day into 2015 and I’ve already gotten two whiny liberals to protect their Twitter accounts! One is a sportswriter and the other is a “Democratic Political Consultant” according to their accounts. Here’s how I did it, without really trying.

I saw this very funny vine of a girl who was upset at watching her football team playing poorly:

Notice, in that tweet I’m kinda making fun of myself. But I also posted this joke about the girl:

Yeah, pretty standard pedestrian joke, but I liked it. Unfortunately, the sports-writer and liberal @StaceGots DID NOT APPRECIATE IT AT ALL:


Now, in no way did I mean this joke to dissuade women from enjoying sports, but Stace seems exactly like the kind of liberal who believes “micro-aggression” permanently disables minorities from meaningful employment.

I decided to respond. She didn’t like that either.

One of my favorite things to do to liberals is pull the race-card on them. It freaks them out!!

Here’s the tweet I’m referring to:


Now this got one of her friends upset, and he unleashed some epithets at me:


You’ll notice just the mere tweeting of an “lol!” at him caused him so much frustration he ran off to whine to Twitter about me! lol! <– harassment. My laughter is harassment, but his cursing at me is just good old fashioned liberal debate, of course.

Meanwhile Stacy thought she’d mock people with low follower counts – of course she has a whole whopping 3,130 followers after tweeting 237,000 tweets!


Ironically, after making fun of the “big tough men,” she protected her account because she couldn’t handle the criticism.


And I guess big tough guy David couldn’t deal with it either:


All of this over a silly joke tweet! At least I can say I’m already fulfilling my New Year’s resolution:

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  • FLCommonSense

    Excellent job Mr. Sooper.

  • SpySmasher

    Right on Sooper! Because liberals rely on emotion rather than logic or facts, they fold like cheap tents when challenged in any way. Ask them any question and they can only parrot liberal bromides. Call them racists and they freak out. Their defination of “free speech” and “tolerance” is “agree with me, or you are outrageous human filth not fit to live!”

  • Oh, Sooper, please, PLEASE participate in the fun on Twitchy! More idiotic leftist twittering than can be imagined. You would be mahhhvelous there!

  • Some call me…..Tim

    Good job Sooper. Without a doubt a very noble cause.

  • Guest
  • Jim

    Hey Soop, sounds like David and Anastasia need to check their white privilege.

    Oh, and BTW, how many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? THAT’S NOT FUNNY!

  • @aubreylaventana

    There has got to be a way to turn that “be big tough men” back at a feminist. But how?

  • randy waterhouse

    She’s the one who came after you, and *you’re* the one who is harrassing? Am I missing something or are they really that stupid?

  • @aubreylaventana

    “Sry the PajamaBoy title has been taken”

  • @aubreylaventana

    Is counterintuitive to me that political leftist can be so attracted to pro sports. Is it the money? Or a pack of sweaty menz (already gathered into camps) whom they haven’t fully reeducated yet?

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  • Michael Onoo