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Dana Loesch Confronts Local News Employee for Reporting Christian Pizzeria For FRAUD ‘Just Because’

Alix Bryan of the local Richmond WTVR News team decided to report the “GoFundMe” for fraud even though he or she (I’m not sure what their prefix preference is) had absolutely no reason to think it was fraud:

Ah, “just in case.” Also known as “because I hate Christians.” When that person was challenged about it, that person said they had investigated it “afterward.”

Oh look, Dana Loesch and Lawrence B. Jones say they weren’t contacted at all!

Well. That’s awkward. And it probably won’t end up well for Alix. Maybe that person can set up a “GoFundMe” and get donations from other idiots who like shutting down a business for their thoughtcrimes.

Indiana High School Coach SUSPENDED for Tweeting ARSON THREAT to Pizzeria Over Religious Freedom Act!

  • The Plaidypus

    Makes me wonder just what other things Alix Bryan has lied about.. Perhaps someone should do some fact checking on her/ his stories..

  • Pope Sparkles (F)

    It’s not like Dana has access to some really kick ass lawyers or anything, but go ahead Alix let your hate blind you.

  • credibilitygap

    just in case

  • Tanuki Man

    You just kicked over a hornet’s next Alix. Pre pare to be stung. Better get yourself an Epi-pen you pathetic liar.

  • captaingrumpy

    Typical Leftist rubbish.
    She looks like a man anyway.

  • Which will amount to nothing even if you find anything because leftist have no sense of shame…

  • Are we really surprised the :EFT does this all the time throw out accusations get caught and wont respond… Reid, Learner, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton… Did I call out Clinton?

  • ChairmanROFLMAO

    I often report people for fraud without having any evidence. It’s how I roll. Also, I incite violence against business owners I disagree with. Especially when it comes to hypothetical scenarios that have a 99.9% or greater likelihood of never, ever happening. What can I say? I like to live on the edge… of sanity and reason. Did I mention that I vote Democratic?

  • El Hefe Muy Guapo

    maybe i’m stupid but i just dont get what a complete stranger would make up an allegation of fraud without the tinyest hint of wrongdoing. what is it about wanting to “get even” with someone who fairly disagrees with you? are you such a baby that you cant enter into an adversarial discourse without wanting to cause your opponent substantial harm?

    its the same childish attitude that says its okay to kill a guy because he dissed your air jordans.

    i just dont see what this reported has to gain by making false allegations and then lying about them. a pulitzer? laurels and a friendly go round on the talking head circuit? the love of nancy grace and bill oreily?

    ive had my life ruined by people doing the same thing to me behind the scenes. and 15 years later i’m broke, unemployed and dying of bladder cancer. they ruined my life and the people who are supposed to protect us were the first ones in line to cause more harm. and the worst part? no one cares. once they put a label on you and it sticks, youre screwed. and all you can do is hold on and wait for them to come and put you out on the street.

  • ScrubPuppy

    This truly is sad.

  • Socialism is for suckers

    well said

  • Legirons

    Cowgirl Sady-istic Check out Alix Bryan. You an clearly see how well suited she was for a career in journalism. I will withhold any other comments.

  • Simon

    If Dana doesn’t, I’ll bet her boss does (Glenn Beck). This could be fun.

  • Nordog6561

    The LGBTSTFU Mob is just getting warmed up. Alix Bryan, a chick with two guy names, is just a hater.

  • Billy Matthews

    I think that there are people that are seriously ticked off that instead of harming the business people rallied around the owners and showed what Christians and people of all faiths can do. Through God all things are possible.

  • Curtis Jenkins

    Alix, the hate has blinded you. Now your journey to the Dark Side is complete. Muhahahaha.

  • Nordog6561

    Always remember, this “woman” is a “reporter” who reports lies “just because”.

  • John Kyle

    I was told by an extremely credible source that Alix Bryan has not paid taxes for 10 years.

  • Michael Onoo

    She looks very confused, maybe why all the contortions after claiming fraud

  • 4True

    Professional liar.. Also noticed that anyone who questioned him/her/it (can’t tell by name, photo) threatened to “report” on Twitter. We should definitely use the same tactic on him(?) if he keeps up the slander as he really is threatening livelihood and reputation. Little Brown Shirt.

  • 4True

    God bless and help you.