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Advocates Raise $27k in ‘GoFundMe’ Campaign for LGBT Cause as Snub to Pizzeria Fund

There have been a lot of stupid tweets trying to compare donations to the Christian Pizzeria attacked by LGBT advocates and other charities:

What is this supposed to prove? Are Christians the only ones expected to give to charity? Watts is a gun control advocate so it’s no surprise her tweet is utterly nonsensical.

Here’s another idiot making a similar point:

I made the suggestion that maybe these whining advocates should stop bitching about Christians and maybe raise some money for a good cause. Well, it looks like someone was listening:

This campaign has raised nearly $27,000 in just a few hours:

pizza 4 equality

I say as a conservative and a religious freedom proponent, GOOD for them! Instead of destroying people and attacking us, they’re doing something positive!

Of course, they’re doing it out of hatred for us:

pizza donation 01

As much as I would like more money to go to those in need, I kinda want to see this project fail so that Javi Melendez will leave this society. Take the rest of your anti-Christian bigot friends with you, Javi.

pizza donation 02

I’m not sure how this “beats the bigots” at our own game – the bigot game is charity apparently. At least they’re using their hatred to do something good for once. You liberals should listen to el Sooper more often!

Memories Pizza Was an INSIDE JOB!!! Angry Bitter Liberals Are Turning to PIZZA TRUTHER Conspiracy Theories!



  • FreedomCzar

    Definitely a fraud….

  • gastorgrab

    In order to “beat the bigots at their own game”, don’t they need a cause first?

    What is this money to be spent on?

  • David Myrick

    If anybody is getting the urge to give money to strangers I can’t afford pride any more
    Giving to a private business for being railroaded is only slightly loonier than the apparently increasing need to
    Yet still a better cause than supporting hate speech by politicians current prized minority voters

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  • Michael H

    Liberals are cheapskates, except when spending taxpayer money. It’s a known fact.