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‘Tolerant’ Liberals Are VERY ANGRY Bruce Jenner Is A Republican!

So the internet is freaking out because Bruce Jenner admitted that he’s a Republican on the interview where he was announcing that he was transitioning into a female. But here’s the thing – that’s never really been a secret. It’s just that people assume anyone who would change their gender is a liberal.

Here’s a bunch of morons freaking out:

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  • richard40

    Make that the leftist LGBT community. Basically leftists will tolerate anything, except not being a leftist, whether you are gay, trans, black, woman, does not really matter, but you had better not be anything other than leftist.

  • richard40

    Said in response to an article quoting dems who totally betray their supposedly LGBT accepting attitudes because somebody dares to come out as a conservative.

  • It took bruce jenner to prove that liberal democrats are the hate mongers they claim republicans are. I believe in the constitution also. I am a conservative and I stand with bruce jenner and his constitutional right to pursue happiness. Shut your traps liberal hate mongers

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  • littletroublegirl

    Most republicans are closet fags

  • destiny

    Then maybe Chris Jenner is a man????

  • Franz Gans

    “Transphobic” is a bad thing but “republicphobic” not? Sorry, people, you have a twisted world view