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Here Are 35 Morons Blaming Pamela Geller For The Garland Attack Instead Of The ATTACKERS

Last night 2 gunmen tried to attack a “Draw Muhammed” contest held by Pamela Geller, and the obvious inference is that they’re probably Islamists who were angry at the “insult” to their prophet. Instead of condemning the intolerant attackers, here are a mix of liberals who hate conservatives, and Muslims who hate free speech, united in blaming Geller instead of the wannabe-murderers:

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Geller provoked the shooting, you just can’t expect Muslims to control themselves, after all.

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This is what Geller wanted. Todd Green is a Huffpo contributor, and he equates her hate of cartooning with the hatred of the attempted murderers.

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“Hysterical bullshit” because I’m sure John Fullerton wouldn’t have wet his pants if Islamists were trying to kill him, right?

Garland tweets muslims blank big 04

Garland tweets muslims blank big 11

I think this idiot intended to write that he can’t deny he would celebrate their deaths, but the moron screws up that death wish too.

Garland tweets muslims blank big 12

“Hate leaders” held a cartoon contest, not those who tried to kill them.

Garland tweets muslims blank big 13

It’s Geller’s fault – not the killers’.

Garland tweets muslims blank big 15

I like this next tolerant tweet – wishing that Geller had been shot. “@Basima_” must be a moderate Muslim.

Garland tweets muslims blank big 05

Geller is “sickening” and she “triggered” the murder attempt. No harsh words for the attempted killers.

Garland tweets muslims blank big 07

“Media whore” isn’t misogynist at all. Not when applied to a conservative anyway.

Garland tweets muslims blank big 08

Apparently the Taliban hold “free speech” conferences? Notice “@ChanelGirlTK” calls the attempted murderers “brothers.”

Garland tweets muslims blank big 09

Khadeeja thinks Allah’s believers need protecting when they go try and shoot Americans who are expressing their freedoms. Another “moderate Muslim”?

Garland tweets muslims blank big 10

These maggots think it’s funny to mock an attempt on her life. It’s hilarious!

There were plenty more, but these were some of the ones I caught right after the shooting. Behold the tolerance against conservatives.

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Tries to Prove ‘Thug’ is Racist, Internet Makes Her Look Stupid


  • llcthecableguy

    I remember the first “Draw Muhammed Day” started by a young artist in Seattle, If I remember correctly, she’s STILL in hiding, a la Salman Rushdie, and she had a change of heart about the whole thing…….

    On July 11, 2010, it was reported that the late Yemeni-American al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki had put Molly Norris on a hitlist. In the English version of the al-Qaeda magazine Inspire, Al-Awlaki wrote, “The medicine prescribed by the Messenger of Allah is the execution of those involved,” and was quoted as saying,

    The large number of participants makes it easier for us because there are more targets to choose from in addition to the difficulty of the government offering all of them special protection … But even then our campaign should not be limited to only those who are active participants.[143][144]

    “FBI officials reportedly notified Norris warning her that they considered it a “very serious threat.”[143][144]

    Norris has since changed her name and gone into hiding. According to the Seattle Weekly (her former employer), this decision was based on “the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI.”[145] According to another source, however, the FBI warned her of threats but did not specifically encourage her to go underground.[146][147][148]

    The threat against Norris appeared to be renewed when Al Qaeda’s Inspire included her in its March 2013 edition with eleven others in a pictorial spread entitled “Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam,” and captioned, “Yes We Can: A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away.”[149][150] The cartoonist Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier was also added to Al-Qaeda’s most wanted list, along with Lars Vilks and three Jyllands-Posten staff members: Kurt Westergaard, Carsten Juste, and Flemming Rose.[151][152][153]

    As of 2015, Norris is still in hiding and jihadist threats against her life continue.[154] She has been forced to seek safety from jihadist threats by abandoning her career, her friends, and her community. [155]”

  • StarTripper

    Sorry the one security guy got shot but hope he makes a full recovery. Not sorry about dead Islamic thugs…was that racist?

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  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Talk about cognitive dissonance. I hate what happened but…… Yikes, empty headed dhimmis.

  • SmokeyBehr

    I’ll be these same people who are praising the attackers and blame Gellar et al. are the ones who scream “VICTIM BLAMING!” and “RAPE CULTURE!” when a woman is told to dress conservatively and provide for her own safety.

  • Percival

    Need to start the hashtag #Yur2Stoopid2HaveAnOpinion

  • gastorgrab

    So they’re saying that Christians would get more respect from the left if they killed more brainless hippies? That’s good to know!

    BTW, does anyone know when the next showing of ‘Piss Christ’ is scheduled?

  • Phil Snyder

    If you believe that Gellar deserved the violence that happened, you are saying one of two things:
    1. Either you think that Muslim Extremists are incapable of being part of a pluralistic society and cannot handle freedom of speech or freedom of religion. Thus, they should be deported to the nearest Islamic country where they won’t have to listen to opinions that differ from them.
    2. OR you think that violence is an appropriate response to ridicule. In which case YOU are not capable of being part of a pluralistic society and should remove yourself.

    Blaming Gellar et. al. for the violence is like blaming the woman who wore a short skirt for being raped.

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  • Sam

    The Prophet Mohammad buggers Goats and Little Boy’s Anus’s … Doubt it talk to a Afghan Vet.

  • Tallow

    35 Jihadi’s
    35 Obama Voters/Supporters
    35 Traitors
    35 Drone Targets

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Pam Gellar is a media whore, who encourages and provokes a “divide and conquer” agenda.
    Who the hell is Pam Geller anyway? Gellar reminds me of that other intellectual prostitute Ann Coulter, who says the most outrageous drivel to get noticed. $10,000 Draw Mohammad in Garland Texas. Sound familiar?

    Who are you to tell people they’re not capable of being part of a pluralist society because they’re calling Pam Geller out for the media whore that she is?

    Your analogy is classic, “Blaming Gellar et. al. for the violence is like blaming the woman who wore a short skirt for being raped.” LOL

    Gellar’s is not a rape victim in a short skirt, Gellar’s an agitator and instigator with a divide and conquer agenda with big backing.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Gellar is a shit stirrer with big backing, and an objective of social engineering and manipulation.

    Gellar a rape victim LOL. Quite a few posters have made this comment, more than a coincidence. Is that what Team Gellar advised you to do, “when they (rightfully) call Pamela Gellar out as a media whore, let’s spin it like she’s a rape victim.” I’m sure it sounded like a good plan before it was executed. Now it sounds like more manipulation.

  • Phil Snyder

    Who cares what she says. She has the right to insult Islam by drawing pictures of their Prophet – just as you have the right to insult Pam Geller by calling her a “media whore.”

    If we blame the victims of violence for causing the violence, then all we are doing is encouraging more violence. Everyone has some speech that they consider offensive. Pretty soon “offensive” will be defined as “saying something I disagree with.” And, if you can shut down any speech or expressive act with the credible threat of violence (especially by being violent at similar actions), then more and more people will resort to violence rather than put up with speech that they disagree with.

    So, if you think that violence is a valid response to ANY form of speech (excepting the famous “fighting words” doctrine) then you do not belong as part of a civilized/pluralistic society. You belong with the fascists who behead people for having a different religion. BTW, what Geller did cannot be considered “fighting words” as the provocation has to be immediate and this was a planned event. So, those who were offended did not have to see the pictures drawn.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    I don’t condone violence. Pamela Gellar has her own agenda and it has nothing to do with free speech. Its funny how you try and give her action merit when it’s a psy ops publicity stunt. Pamela Gellar has the desperation of a reality TV star, zero merit.

  • Marla Hughes

    Just like I condemned the KKK when it walked through black neighborhoods but supported it’s right to do so and just as my nose curled at Westboro Baptist church’s attempt to hijack my faith in the furtherance of their hatred while I had to defend their right to burn someone else’s holy book in the name of MY Christ, I support Gellar’s ability to speak freely against all of Islam in hatred and bigotry. However, I don’t have to like it or like her. At all.

  • Phil Snyder

    I have two questions.
    1. Should the City of Garland, Dallas County, the State of Texas, or the Federal Gov’t put a stop to her event?
    2. Is she in any way responsible for the death of two terrorists and/or the wounding of the Garland ISD security guard?

    If your answer is “yes” to either of these questions, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    As I said, she (and all other Americans) have the right to insult any religion they want to by whatever speech and/or artistic expression they want to. Do I agree with her methods? No, but it doesn’t matter whether I agree with her or not. She has the right offend/insult/provoke any religion and/or religious organization. You may not agree with her, but you should agree that she has that right and that the two terrorists did NOT have the right to open fire on the police officers and security guard at the meeting – with the probable intent to go into the Center to kill more innocent people.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    The Curtis Caldwell Center, is owned and operated by the Garland Independent School District. I’d have hoped common sense would have prevailed with Texas “educators,” insulting any religious figure is an incendiary act, and not respectful. I have no problem with Gellar finding a private venue, but owned by the school district? This story is really beginning to stink.

    Pam Gellar absolutely has the right to incite hated under the guise of free speech. And it’s my right to call her a media seeking, shit stirrer, executing a larger agenda on the American people backed by “dark money” via a completely corrupt and complicit MSM.
    The playing field isn’t level.

  • But where is nosnhoJ selrahC?

  • gastorgrab

    When they’re not burning American flags, or comparing Christians to Nazis, Liberals like to accuse conservatives of “being too offensive” to a specific group of people.

  • Phil Snyder

    So, does Andre Serrano have the right to incite hatred using his art?
    Do the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have the right to mock and hate the Roman Catholic Church?
    Does the KKK have a right to hold peaceful rallies?
    Does a Muslim Iman (in the USA) have the right to say Jews and Christians are descendants of pig and apes?
    Does a comedian have the right to ridicule the President even offensively?
    Does Hollywood have the right to ridicule Christians?

    I say that all the above have the right to do so. I don’t agree with most of them, but I support their right to be as offensive as they wish. The first amendment was designed to protect offensive and even hateful speech, because not everyone agrees with any speech.

    I notice that you did not answer either of the two questions posed. Should the City, County, State, or Federal gov’ts have stopped the event and are the event organizers responsible for the deaths and assault that occurred?

    I get that you don’t like Geller’s message. That’s OK. It is OK if you want to curtail your free speech and not fight for the right to speak your mind. It’s OK if you want to submit your speech to whomever is the most offended by it for their approval.

    But don’t ask the rest of the country to join you in your suicide.

  • Muggs37

    I’m reading some of these comments and wondering at the same time – have any of you seen the art depictions of Mohammed? Did you see the one that won? No? What makes him any more sacred than putting Christ on a cross in a bottle of urine or portraying Mary, the mother of Jesus with dung on her and calling it ‘art’? Didn’t see any outrage over that ‘freedom of speech’ garbage! How many times has Jesus been called a ‘faggot’ and ridiculed or how many times has the symbol of this country – the American flag been spat on, burned and tread on, called ‘freedom of speech’ and no outrage over that! But we’re going to get upset over the depiction of the ‘god’ of people who want to kill us? Are you people for real?

  • Yes, you do, Rachel. Everything you’ve written here has been supportive of the two terrorists who attacked Geller’s event so you do, in fact, condone violence…when it’s at the hands of Muslims an perpetrated against women you don’t like.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    How am I supporting two terrorists by calling Geller a media whore? I would have called her that regardless of the psy ops that played out. Did anyone even die? ISIS is a psy ops to keep the world in perpetual war. You may remember Kennedy and Eisenhower warned the American people about the MIC. Pam Geller is bad news she cares nothing about “free speech” she’s proven she can’t handle the responsibility of “free speech.” She thinks “free speech” is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

    Geller is part of a darker agenda that wants to keep the world in perpetual war. Geller had to travel over 1,000 miles to play out her little media psy ops, NYC has her number, she’s not welcome at home.

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  • Deserttrek

    nice to see the bigots out in full force ….. islam is the cause of the violence and is the only one to stop the evil

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Pamela Gellar had to travel 1,000 for her little ISIS psy op in Texas, because she’s not welcome in NYC. You’re trashing an entire religion, and you’re calling me a bigot.

    I love jews, muslims, blacks, the whole gambit. If you had a muslim friend you’d understand they’re good people. Most of the violence has actually been perpetrated by our own CIA and FBI, to keep the world in perpetual war. Kennedy and Eisenhower warned us about the MIC. I think what we’re seeing play out in our times is their worst fears for America.

    Pam Gellar’s assists in a “divide and conquer” agenda to keep the world in perpetual war, and hides behind “free speech,” and it’s sickening when one can see the larger picture.

  • Deserttrek

    time for fresh air and stop the bigotry

  • Rachel Flanagan

    A “terrorist attack” the FBI knew about, is not a terror attack.
    This is called an agent provocateur attack ergo false flag

  • Rachel Flanagan

    The only bigotry is the shill, “talking points” you were given by your global masters.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    The CIA and Mossad ARE the cause of violence in the world, get your facts straight. The CIA have destabilized over 60 countries, who’s the terrorist now?

  • Deserttrek

    you are mentally ill …. most mohammedans are

  • Rachel Flanagan

    Educate yourself, and quit being such a hater.
    A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

  • Deserttrek

    get some fresh air, no such thing as a hater .. only idiots and child abusers call people that …. mohammedans are evil .. .. and you are a stalker too .. you need help…fast