Here Are 35 Morons Blaming Pamela Geller For The Garland Attack Instead Of The ATTACKERS

Last night 2 gunmen tried to attack a “Draw Muhammed” contest held by Pamela Geller, and the obvious inference is that they’re probably Islamists who were angry at the “insult” to their prophet. Instead of condemning the intolerant attackers, here are a mix of liberals who hate conservatives, and Muslims who hate free speech, united in blaming Geller instead of the wannabe-murderers:

Geller provoked the shooting, you just can’t expect Muslims to control themselves, after all.

This is what Geller wanted. Todd Green is a Huffpo contributor, and he equates her hate of cartooning with the hatred of the attempted murderers.

“Hysterical bullshit” because I’m sure John Fullerton wouldn’t have wet his pants if Islamists were trying to kill him, right?

I think this idiot intended to write that he can’t deny he would celebrate their deaths, but the moron screws up that death wish too.

“Hate leaders” held a cartoon contest, not those who tried to kill them.

It’s Geller’s fault – not the killers’.

I like this next tolerant tweet – wishing that Geller had been shot. “@Basima_” must be a moderate Muslim.

Geller is “sickening” and she “triggered” the murder attempt. No harsh words for the attempted killers.

“Media whore” isn’t misogynist at all. Not when applied to a conservative anyway.

Apparently the Taliban hold “free speech” conferences? Notice “@ChanelGirlTK” calls the attempted murderers “brothers.”

Khadeeja thinks Allah’s believers need protecting when they go try and shoot Americans who are expressing their freedoms. Another “moderate Muslim”?

These maggots think it’s funny to mock an attempt on her life. It’s hilarious!

There were plenty more, but these were some of the ones I caught right after the shooting. Behold the tolerance against conservatives.

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