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Media Hack Mark Halperin Demands Ted Cruz Fulfill His Racist Stereotypes of Cubans

Bloomberg journalist hack Mark Halperin ran Ted Cruz through a gamut of questions trying to figure out his Cuban bona fides according to his own stereotypes of what that means.

Watch below:

Halperin even asks Ted Cruz to “welcome” Bernie Sanders into the race in Spanish. I swear Halperin was about to ask Cruz how many times he tells his wife, “you got a loooot of splaining to doooo!”

What an idiot. Ironically, there were plenty of blacks who said Obama wasn’t black enough but he was never challenged like that in the mainstream media. IN fact I don’t remember any of these questions asked of Democrats. Just pathetic.


This is awesome:

h/t Faustina
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  • nc

    How do you say “double standard” en espaniol?

  • DoNotDumbHere

    What a pendejo!

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  • Denim Delinquent

    I see conservatives are blaming the ‘liberal media bias’ for the interview despite Halperin being a regular on conservative Joe Scarborough’s show. He has a strong hate for Obama and the Democratic party. He promotes right-winger Drudge whenever he can. But he screwed up an interview with a far-right darling and now he’s a liberal. Hehe.

  • irishgirl91

    I am proudly half Mexican and half Irish. HATE mexican food and speak zero spanish. I can’t decide if this is the funniest thing or the most offensive thing I have ever seen. I honestly think if I met Mr. Halprin he would hand me his suit and ask me to have it pressed and back to him by morning.

  • Gman

    Your phrase “conservative Joe Scarborough” warrants an immediate dismissal of anything else you have to say … ever.

  • Denim Delinquent

    Hehe. So Joe Scarborough is now a liberal. I thought he was just another failed Republican. Oh wait, he’s on MSNBC. So he must be a liberal!

    “The fact is that Halperin did what he always does — passed on some stale Village chatter and called it analysis. And he does that one particular thing very well. One can certainly understand why so many Republicans use him to stovepipe their agenda. He guilelessly accepts and passes on everything they tell him. Can you expect anything else from someone who thinks Matt Drudge is the Walter Cronkite of his generation?”


  • ArmyAviator

    There are MANY Tejanos (Texans of Mexican ethnicity) who speak little or no Spanish! They do however, speak English which should be the official language of our country. What’s wrong with being an AMERICAN, first and foremost today? Why does everybody, especially presidential candidates, have to be something they aren’t in order for idiots in the media to approve of them? For that matter, even had Ted Cruz popped out there with a Conga Drum, straw hat and a funny accent, Halprin would still hate him.

  • Moneyrunner

    Using Salon as a reliable source is strike 2; want to make it a total flame-out?

  • irishgirl91

    I live in NM, I would challenge some of these people to come here and talk to the true hispanics that live here, not the La Raza shills

  • ArmyAviator

    Drudge a right-winger? Give us all and example… if you can. What and where has Drudge been right-wing? He reports the news, not some Liberal Socialist propaganda guys like you are so fond of. Citing examples of Matt Drudge’s perceived bias, is like citing “Old Granny” Clinton’s accomplishments as either a US Senator and Secretary of State. I challenge you to that as well. But, it can’t be done. Not even “Old Granny” can toot her horn on that!

  • ArmyAviator

    Doble estandar!

  • John Hancock

    Have you actually been to Ireland ??????

  • irishgirl91

    Family from County Mayo and my generation hasn’t visited yet. Probably something for when our kids are out of college.

  • Gman

    LMFAO!! You post a Salon dot Com blog to bolster a leftist point? BWAHAHAHA! That’s just like a right-winger posting a Rush Limbaugh quote, and expecting a libprog to take it seriously. Wow, you’re a maladroit, dense one, aren’t you. Furthermore, doofus, have you ever even SEEN Drudge Report? It’s nothing but a bunch of links, almost have the time straight to liberal has-been rags like the New York Slime and the Washington Compost.

  • Denim Delinquent

    “So right-wingers don’t like Halperin now? Welcome to the club — what took you so long to get here? Oh, right — you actually liked it when Halperin wrote that, for him and his fellow insider political journalists, “Matt Drudge rules our world.” You were pleased when he all but begged Hugh Hewitt to take him seriously as a journalist because he agreed with right-wing charges of liberal media bias. You defended Halperinwhen he was temporarily suspended from his MSNBC’s Morning Joefor calling President Obama a “dick” on the air.”

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  • Gman

    1. I’ve made ZERO indication of my political persuasion, other than than I’m definitely NOT a batshıt crazy, lunatic, left wing nutjob, so from where did you get “you right wingers” assertion? 2. Bill and Hillary Clinton have called Obama harsher things than “díck” … does that make THEM right wingers now? 3. Halperin isn’t the only leftist kook that has acknowledged Drudge’s popularity. 4. I’ve never defended Halperin. It seems like you just make shıt up in your own head and use that made up trash as the premise for all of your nutjob statements. And FFS man, not everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a right-winger. SmH

  • Denim Delinquent

    Hypocrisy watch.

    “But let’s leave ideology aside. Halperin is a buffoon. Liberals have known that for years. We knew it in 2011 when he posted on his Time magazine blog a Photoshopped image of Senator Mary Landrieu with hair in the style of Cameron Diaz from the famous semen hair gel scenein There’s Something About Mary.

    We’ve known for a long time that Halperin’s obnoxiousness and immaturity are on regular display. Remember, Halperin is the guy who brought Senator Bernie Sanders on his show and pressured him to read dialogue from old Seinfeld episodes, because it’s allegedly rumored that Sanders was the voice of George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld.

    Halperin is a clown. Now we now he’s a racist clown, but we knew he was a clown a long time ago. Glad you’re catching on, right-wingers.”

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