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Breaking: Dallas Man in Standoff After Gun Attack on Police Department, Explosives Found

There are conflicting reports coming out of Dallas about an armored vehicle firing at police and then leading them on a chase near the police department.

From CNN:


According to the press conference, four bags were left in front of the Dallas Police Department with pipe bombs. A man named James Boulware is in the armored vehicle, and he is currently negotiating with the police at 4:56 AM EST.

The man told the police that they took his child and called him a terrorist, and that he’s “going to blow them up.”

Police have also said that there were witness reports of shooting coming from a second shooter in a building nearby. Some witnesses say as many as four people were in the van, but only one has been identified.


The police said that the suspect identified himself as James Boulware and that he had a history of domestic violence. I found this story of a very violent incident by a man of the same name in Dallas:

A Paris man was arrested after family members reported to authorities that they were concerned he could go on a shooting spree.

Officers say they did find several guns in his house, but none in his car. On Tuesday, officers throughout North Texas were told to be on the lookout after the man allegedly threatened his family members and mentioned he might hurt others.

Officers confiscated several guns from a Paris home, after arresting the owner. “There are four or five long guns and three or four pistols, tubs full of ammunition, and the body armor,” says Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley.

James Boulware, 33, allegedly grabbed and choked his mother in Dallas on Tuesday morning, and he has made other threats, police and family members said.

“That he was going to just kill all the adult members of the family and then that’s when he made the comment he may shoot up some churches and schools,” says Hundley.

“He had been talking about the schools and churches being soft targets, being easy targets because no one in them was armed,” a man who identified himself as Boulware’s brother “Andrew” said.

“Andrew” said Boulware showed up at his Red River County property on Tuesday, looking for some guns “Andrew” took from Boulware’s house.  “I was able to figure out his one combination, I didn’t realize that his gun safe had two combinations on it,” says “Andrew.”

“He used to be a mechanic and then he got a mobile van and was running around trying to get business doing that,” says neighbor Andra Hogue.

Apparently one of the bags has exploded while police were moving it:

Here are some videos from social media:

From CNN:

Shots were fired at Dallas police headquarters early Saturday, the Dallas Police Department said.

A witness told police that the suspects, who opened fire about 12:30 a.m., were in an armored vehicle. Police responded to the incident, the Dallas Police Department tweeted.

Police pursued the gunman and trapped the vehicle on an interstate, The Dallas Morning New reported citing a police source.

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  • Damien Percy

    and so ….it begins……..

  • Mission accomplished, Al Sharpton.

  • Mike Gore

    Uh, the guy was white. Read more, talk less.

  • Uh, I knew that, Forrest. Police were attacked.

  • George Douglass

    somewhere obama is celebrating

  • bob e

    bess be axin’ de-ray from de-internet ..

  • icowrich

    By a white guy.

  • Who attacked cops.

  • icowrich

    Exactly. Mission accomplished, Sean Hannity.

  • Al Sharpton drums up resentment of cops based on false accusations, they get attacked, you blame Sean Hannity.

    What color is the sky in the world you live in?

  • icowrich

    You clearly don’t remember the Bundy Ranch segments.

  • Bradoplata

    troll level: failure.

    Bundy didn’t shoot cops, and the only people that watch Hannity are people like you to see if he says something you can use against conservatives.

    Why don’t you go back to the MSNBC forum.

  • icowrich

    Don’t call yourself a failure that quickly. Have some self confidence!

    Bundy didn’t shoot cops. His visitors did. Remember?


    But it wasn’t just the Bundy Ranch obsession that prompts white conservatives to feel belligerence against cops. It’s also stories like these from right wing outlets:


  • Bradoplata

    So you support militarization of police departments? It’s your side that teaches belligerence. That’s what will get more blacks killed, so congrats on that.

    Don’t you have some more Hannity or O’Rielly to audit for Soros?

  • icowrich

    My side is neither of the two you seem to think are the sum total of American politics. I am simply against the Left or the Right demonizing the police, and I certainly don’t believe that the cops are being militarized so that Obama can declare martial law.

    What has happened (many on the Left and Right agree on this) is that surplus military equipment has trickled down to the police because they have no place else to put it. Obama recently put an end to that practice (and was criticized for it, ironically), but we probably need to go further to stop all of this police overreach.

    At any rate, you certainly can’t believe that this guy, who has ranted online about socialism and declared his disdain for the president, is some sort of Al Sharpton fan. Quite the opposite. Just look at his social media postings:


    I await your evidence that was a follower of Rev. Al.

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  • Pat

    The only thing I fear more than a Police State is a Policeless State. The police better learn to defend themselves in this new reality we all live in. We are at war with an enemy within who hates police and the law and order they represent.