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Just Two Tweets From Salon Show Their ABSURD Liberal Hypocrisy on Racism and Islam

There’s nothing like Twitter to manifest the utter hypocrisy of liberals – which is why I love it so much. Here are just two from Salon magazine that are so ridiculous it’s almost funny:


Because “White America” has a white religion with a white religious document just for whites that admonishes them to kill non-whites right? Oh wait… no that sounds more like Islam! Weird…

Notice too that being white isn’t a choice (and also a social construct which they say doesn’t exist), but being Muslim certainly is. I wonder if Rachel Dolezal has to answer for the Charleston massacre, or only people who “identify” as white? Idiots.

Oh and just for fun, stick this in your pipe and smoke it:

Yup. Pendejos.

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  • BadBruceLorraine

    It must be nice to be able to dismiss the atrocities committed in the name of Islam as the actions of crazy people but that just doesn’t wash when their most perfect man, mohammed has said things like, ‘I have been made victorious with

  • Nov-cubed

    Hypocrisy @ Salon?
    No. Way.

  • bullet2354

    Right on target again mu-chacho’

    Tacos’ all around.

  • Pat

    All liberals are hypocrites. They will always say or do anything at any given moment if they think it will advance their communist anti-American agenda.

  • I’m a coyote, a half breed for you all gringo types, does Salon mean only part of me has to answer for the actions of some fruitcake murderer in Charleston? Pendejo is too nice for these fools. Creo que la mentira, lo siento hijos de puta sin alma fits the people at Salon much better.

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  • Denver Goddess

    Go Broncos, puto!

  • Denver Goddess

    Salon… Son maricones y mentirosos.