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My Twitter Account Was Suspended Over The Stupidest ‘Violation’

So I’ve never had my account suspended or locked up before, but I knew it would happen one day, especially since Twitter has recently put into place new rules that seem to serve screechy feminists. Well, it happened. And here’s what got me in trouble:

sharpton tweet

Now the context is important here – I was referring to the debate about the confederate flag and whether it should be taken down from the capitol grounds in South Carolina. If the principle is that something can be banned just because people are calling it a symbol of violence and racism, then I want it applied to Al Sharpton.

But someone whined to Twitter, and instead of seeing it for what it is, they took it as a threat.

Now I don’t care about it, I got it taken care of. But I can almost guarantee that we’re going to see more of this now that Twitter has amended it’s policy to cater to the hysterical whims of bitter lonely feminists and their cats.*

*the soopmexy blog team does not mean to disparage in any way cat owners who are not bitter lonely feminists.
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