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There’s a LOT of ‘Love Wins’ Pro-Gay HATRED for Christians Online…

Well now that the gay rainbow floodgates have opened, there’s a whole lot of hatred online for Christians and supporters of traditional marriage. Here’s some I was able to find with a simple search on Twitter:

No idea what half 90% means. Is this common core math?

Uh.. love wins?

Whatever, dinosaurs are cool.

I… what?

I… what?

There are a lot of very loving “kill yourself” tweets:

So much love up there.

Pride goeth before the fall!!! And I don’t mean Autumn!!


What about my Latino conservative feelings, dammit?!?

Not too terribly acquainted with theology. Or logic really.

Don’t fear the man that can kill the body, but fear him who kills the soul.

The best and most intellectual tweets are always in all-caps:

Yup. And these bigoted idiots vote.

Let’s Keep A Running Tally of What Liberals Want to BAN After Their Confederate Flag Victory…
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  • xsnake

    Heathen hippies murdered God……what did we expect would happen?

  • crankywhitewoman

    These people need prayer. I feel sorry for them that they are so filled with hate and rage that they cannot even win gracefully.

    The bible tells us “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” So, despite their hatred of Christians and the Trinity, they WILL say Jesus is Lord. The only question is will they do it while still living, or after they’ve passed and it’s too late?

  • NRPax

    Gee, you would think they’d be a lot happier since they got their way. Poor things.

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  • The bible says not all will see the light. What I find, if you want to call it fascinating is these poor unenlightened humans feel as though they have won something over on the ones who see the light. We will always win with GOD in the end. These humans who see dark as we see light cant or wont comprehend this until they too see the light for their sake not our sake we pray that they will see the light before they die in darkness.

  • formwiz

    Funny, history tells us, you go looking for a war, you always get one.

    They’re looking for a purge and I don’t think they understand it won’t be like Russia 1938 or Germany 1943

  • I have never had a problem with gays. My personal opinion is that what consenting adult human beings do with each other is their business, not mine or anyone else’s… until they make it our business by forcing it on us and/or taking something from us in the name of it. To think that taking something from someone or forcing them to include you makes you equal is foolish and sad. Equal people don’t feel the need to do that. They simply respect others in the way that they want others to respect them. Gay marriage is not about love. It’s about furthering an agenda.

  • yestradamous

    so sick of all the fighting

  • Cynthia

    They seem to think that their love for each other cancels out their hatred of Christians. If ISIS were to take over and Christians are martyred for their faith do you think there will be any gays around to see it happen? That they will be dancing in the streets? No, they will already be beheaded or thrown off towers for being gay. Funnily enough, NOT something Christians are known for doing to gays. Getting hurt feelings because someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle doesn’t equate to hatred – although obviously they way you react (per above) obviously equates to you being the hater.

  • pathfinder

    A lot of gay people (not all, but a lot) seem to have an issue with not being able to accept themselves as they are. This has driven the gay union-gay marriage-gay adoption-gay whateverelse will be their next demand. They seek outside validation for something they are lacking that comes from the inside. So nothing will ever be enough, nor will they ever be at peace with anyone. As such, they have always been the perfect group to drive social agitation; the perfect useful idiots, if you will. They cannot help but lash out and be resentful and vindictive over things they see as outside oppressions, but which in reality are their own inner tyrannies writ public.
    Their straight supporters are led by some of the same emotional needs: they want to be seen as cool, nice, hip, modern, “the special ones” …most people like this constantly hop from one cause celebre to another because they can’t accept that they are just normal, average people with a normal amount of sin and ugliness to go along with their goodness and decency…they can’t accept the fact that they are not special in some way (this could be said for many on the extreme ends of any ideology, but with social liberalism it is not on the extreme ends it’s the base). They are the most useful idiots, because they can be made to agree with anything, even doing 180s on previous, passionately held beliefs and causes. They will do anything to be “in” — even to the point of tossing people off roofs if that becomes fashionable.

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  • dohfugwimee

    They can bend their knee here or bend it at the White Throne Judgement .. God allows all of us that “choice”

  • dohfugwimee

    So true.

  • dohfugwimee

    Butt hurt

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