Conservatives Should Reject And Denounce Ann Coulter’s Hateful Racist Rhetoric

OK party people, enough’s enough. I understand the whole “circle the wagons” mentality but when one of ours crosses the line, we really need to call them out on it and (to extend the analogy to my peril) toss’em out of the wagon circle to the indian Native American attackers. C’mon it’s just an analogy.

Anyway… as a person of color (that’s what liberals call us, it’s a joke) I’ve noted Ann Coulter’s subtle slouching towards racist positions throughout the years. I’ve mostly looked the other way because we all know she’s a rhetorical bomb-tosser and a lover of spotlights. She adores the spotlights. She has advocated for spotlight-to-human marriages. She’s probably committed unnatural acts to spotlights.

I was hoping with her previous comments were exaggerations that she didn’t really believe. I’ve even defended her at times.

But there comes a point where we all have to recognize when one of ours has lost it, and they’re just hurting the reputation of the rest of us non-stupid conservatives. And Coulter has crossed that line and then micturated on it.

Here’s her latest comment when a bunch of idiotic illegal alien advocates crashed her book event and harassed her fans:

“You have to understand,” Coulter told Breitbart News, “screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

This is just plain racism.

And I know what you’re feeling right now, it’s that twitch in your knee that wants to jerk to defend anyone assaulted by what we know is a news media with leftist sympathies. I have it too. But what should be stronger in all of us is the courage to uphold and defend the plain simple truth, even when it pains us to admit our opponents might be slightly right. Bastards that they are.

In this case, they’re just right. Ann Coulter is being a stupid racist.

What’s unfortunate about her is that much of what she says about illegal immigration being a real threat to America is true. I agree with her on that issue. But she feels some need to call all Latin Americans child molesters, which is wildly insulting to many millions of people who have never illegally entered in America and don’t want to. And that in turn insults a hell of a lot of good, decent immigrants from Latin America who make good Americans – I know many that are conservative. This, in turn, insults their families and friends. And many of those people vote.

I am enraged at illegal immigration too. I want it to stop and want illegals to be deported. But this kind of irresponsible rhetoric does absolutely nothing to further our cause. All it does is help Coulter sell more books and get more airtime on major news outlets.

It’s time we realize that she’s crossed a line and the more attention we give her without denouncing her stupidity just hurts us all.

[And just to piss off the left, I defended Trump on his comments, so don’t be so smug you dirtbags.]

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