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Conservatives Should Reject And Denounce Ann Coulter’s Hateful Racist Rhetoric

OK party people, enough’s enough. I understand the whole “circle the wagons” mentality but when one of ours crosses the line, we really need to call them out on it and (to extend the analogy to my peril) toss’em out of the wagon circle to the indian Native American attackers. C’mon it’s just an analogy.

Anyway… as a person of color (that’s what liberals call us, it’s a joke) I’ve noted Ann Coulter’s subtle slouching towards racist positions throughout the years. I’ve mostly looked the other way because we all know she’s a rhetorical bomb-tosser and a lover of spotlights. She adores the spotlights. She has advocated for spotlight-to-human marriages. She’s probably committed unnatural acts to spotlights.

I was hoping with her previous comments were exaggerations that she didn’t really believe. I’ve even defended her at times.

But there comes a point where we all have to recognize when one of ours has lost it, and they’re just hurting the reputation of the rest of us non-stupid conservatives. And Coulter has crossed that line and then micturated on it.

Here’s her latest comment when a bunch of idiotic illegal alien advocates crashed her book event and harassed her fans:

“You have to understand,” Coulter told Breitbart News, “screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

This is just plain racism.

And I know what you’re feeling right now, it’s that twitch in your knee that wants to jerk to defend anyone assaulted by what we know is a news media with leftist sympathies. I have it too. But what should be stronger in all of us is the courage to uphold and defend the plain simple truth, even when it pains us to admit our opponents might be slightly right. Bastards that they are.

In this case, they’re just right. Ann Coulter is being a stupid racist.

What’s unfortunate about her is that much of what she says about illegal immigration being a real threat to America is true. I agree with her on that issue. But she feels some need to call all Latin Americans child molesters, which is wildly insulting to many millions of people who have never illegally entered in America and don’t want to. And that in turn insults a hell of a lot of good, decent immigrants from Latin America who make good Americans – I know many that are conservative. This, in turn, insults their families and friends. And many of those people vote.

I am enraged at illegal immigration too. I want it to stop and want illegals to be deported. But this kind of irresponsible rhetoric does absolutely nothing to further our cause. All it does is help Coulter sell more books and get more airtime on major news outlets.

It’s time we realize that she’s crossed a line and the more attention we give her without denouncing her stupidity just hurts us all.

[And just to piss off the left, I defended Trump on his comments, so don’t be so smug you dirtbags.]

VIOLENCE breaks out between Confederate flag demonstrators and BLACK protesters at SC Capitol

  • gaultfalcon

    Eh. Most people think my humor is way too dry for public consumption too. I think what she said was funny. Lighten up Francis. 😉

  • mikal

    Let’s look at the official reports from I.C.E., SM. Texas alone is deporting over 2,000 sex offenders every single year. A whopping 27%… that’s right, TWENTY SEVEN PERCENT of them are child rapists.


  • Kenny Martin

    So when gays say churches need their tax exempt status revoked JUST BECAUSE they disagree with what the entire world has said for thousands of years and go out of their way to make trouble for innocent people you have no problem with that? Or is it just your narrow minded views that should be enforced??

  • Gina

    I stand with Ann. Let’s be honest. We are harming innocent children when we bury our heads in the sand to the truth. She is speaking on an actual incident, not make believe. We have remained silent long enough. They live to offend us, and then dare us to, calling us names. Liberals are juvenile bullies, and it’s their time. It’s their time to be pounded on, just as they have done. It’s time to take a bold stand against the filth that is destroying our nation. IT IS THE FAULT OF THE LEFT FOR ALL THAT IS AND ALL THAT IS COMNG OUR WAY. That’s what happens when you hate and boo God 3 times. Wrath. They’re just too stupid to believe it. Priceless is what their faces will be when it hits them. And we get to watch!!!

  • Daniel Borchers

    Ann Coulter really does believe that immigrants and first-generation Americans are inferior!

    See “Adios, Ann: Coulter Trashes Nikki Haley” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-7m.

  • Daniel Borchers

    Coulter creates controversy because she is promoting white supremacy.

    See “Adios, Ann: Diversity = White” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-7j.

  • Daniel Borchers

    Coulter claims she has never been accused of racism! She must have slept through the better part of the last twenty years.

    See “Adios, Ann: Coulter’s Racial Confusion” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-7f.

  • Ron Townson

    I love Ann, and can’t find a stupid thing about her. She is brave, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable. I am very insulted with your position and will therefore delete you from my live, Have a taco beanhead!

  • unclebuck7


  • unclebuck7

    We need higher fences at our southern borders. SEND THEM BACK.

  • pokenhorn

    Ann is my gal. Bold, brilliant, brave, and beautiful. Can she be a little caustic ? Occasionally, but the provocations of the American left are enough to drive any sane person over the edge. And hey, how about some tolerance here, folks ? God bless you Ann. Sail on.

  • ronedee

    I don’t give a rats ass what you, or ANYONE thinks anymore! Illegal? Get the fuck out!

  • CitizenKH

    Her two biggest loves are Mitt Romney and Chris Christie. Go back to the drawing board if you think her conservative

  • Bob McMahan

    Sooper: This is about the future of our nation. So Mexicans do not get a voice. If I had your mentality, there is a lot to be said about how Mexico could be improved. It is a fundamental characteristic of nation hood to control borders.

  • Actually she is right. The politically correct Police syndrome has rendered us speechless. We cannot say anything without someone being pissed off, feeling racist rant, or whatever. When did the First Amendment come with clauses. While sometimes we say things in a less than delicate manner, if you understand where these concerns are coming from, illegals killing us, and getting back into USA over and over, and on and on, isn’t it ridiculous that these forces can make business men sell their sports teams on some ass hat stealing a private communication and make it public? While I may think that owner is an ass too, what law allows some idiot to steal his email PRIVATE and make it public, then force him to sell his company? We are so far off of the real law, and screwing America, it now gives the enemy, traitors, criminals more rights than the mass of citizens. We have punished those warriors like Ann Coulter who try to make us aware of the sick realities, even if once in a while we disagree, thank GOD some have the Cojones to speak up, and I would hope the people from all other cultures would look deeper than the liberal HACK JOB ON AMERICA! GAMMY SPARKLES HERE

  • Deserttrek

    sorry mijo …. coulter is not a racist … joining the politically correct crowd is not the way to show disagreement … i will not denounce her , trump or anybody who speaks to the truth regarding immigration and the desire of too many to turn the USA into mexico. I know mexico and its a mess

  • Newt Kilgore

    No way. If you can cite ONE TIME that the Democrat leadership has denounced or censored a Democrat for saying that the hispanic illegal aliens deserved amnesty or forced them to apologize to the American taxpayers for the TRILLIONS of dollars that the illegal aliens have cost this country. When you are fighting the Democrats, there is no place for grace or rules. It is guerilla war with no need to observe courtesy. Get over it !

  • Prez Cannady

    “Stupid racist” = not clumsily qualifying everything you say every time all the time. Give me a break, Soops.

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  • blasater

    Her comment about the “4 year old” was made in the heat of the moment, when they were ripping up her book and trying to physically get at her….yes it was stupid…but ..she was obviously under duress. So I wouldnt toss her to the wolves just for that.

  • I did. It was all anecdotal evidence. The one number she cited was very poorly sourced.


    Sooper, you and I have talked before, but on this, I believe you are taking what she said out of context.
    If you have read her latest book, she outlines that, in 31 states in Mexico, the legal age of consent is 12. In the 32 state, it’s 14.
    Armed with this information, I’d wager that you would view her comments in a different light.

  • Deserttrek

    wetback is not racist .. it is true for many of the illegal aliens


    AynRandWasRight, I’m with you.
    Sooper, from our past discussions, I know that you are a rational thinker, but I believe that you are way over thinking this.
    Refer to this in terms of what she said, and then read her book, especially the part about Latinos (and Middle Easterners and East Africans) committing the lions share of sex crimes involving minors. Then come back to these comments by Ann.
    I do believe that you will see them in a different light.

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  • InVinoVeritas

    Since Coulter came out for McCain early in the ’08 race I’ve been suspicious of her motives. Then she came out early for Romney for the ’12 election. I do not trust her. We always seem to start hearing a lot from here about this time before an election. Now she’s trying to use her wit and sarcasm to support Trump who is as phony as a $3 bill and another sure loser for us. She always comes out for somebody who is a sure loser for us over and over and over again.
    What she said just made all the Right look bad and vicious, which also helps the Left. I’ve wondered for some time if she’s been shilling for the dems all along.

    The border is a huge problem, to be sure, and the first thing we need to do is build a wall and enforce it with manpower and electronically. DACA should be repealed and deportations should be sought and expedited. Then we can actually address who we’re going to let in and why and when and what the rules will be, what the process will be, and, most of all, how it will be enforced. To accomplish that, the last thing we need is Donald Trump or Ann Coulter poisoning the well and turning every legal Hispanic in this country against the conservative voice.

  • InVinoVeritas

    I agree with your philosophy about never turning on our own, caving in, etc., but maybe you should examine whether Ann really stands with us. Does she? Think about whom all she’s supported and whether or not that’s been beneficial to conservatives. Set aside your fondness for Ann, which is an emotional response, and examine what she’s actually done, claims to support, whom she throws in with and where that’s taken us. You may see her differently when you set aside the quick wit, the pixy face. and the verbal craftsmanship. Ask yourself if she has ever helped conservatives nominate a strong, solid, proven conservative that could win. Ask yourself if publishing a book perceived as insulting to 10% of the population or casting them all in a negative light is helpful to conservatives if the author is bearing the ‘conservative’ banner. If the answers are ‘no’, and the person who published it is smart as a whip, having graduated Cornell cum laude, was president of the Michigan Law Review and clerked for a justice on the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, then you might want to ask yourself Why?

  • InVinoVeritas

    “Dignity” should be looked up as well, in conjunction with “silenced” and “denounced.”
    I agree with strict and aggressive border control but I don’t agree with shooting ourselves in the foot by alienating some good people who are legal citizens and registered voters. Doing so guarantees we’ll never achieve what we want.
    Folks need to dial down their emotions and start thinking with their caebza instead of their nalgas.

  • AynRandWasRight

    Perhaps because she has a longer term view than you?

    I’m very politically attuned, but she made a point recently that I hadn’t exactly considered, at least not in the way she put it – though I admit I should have.

    We hear over and over about how demographics are inevitably leading us to a statist/leftist future.. But Ann makes the point that while this may be so….it’s nit at all a reflection of the Dmocrats convincing Americans of the value of their ideas. Quite the opposite: it’s a reflection of them bringing in new voters who don’t really share the traditional values of the American polity.

    That is, Democrats are getting a smaller and smaller percentage of white votes….so they rigged the game to bring in more people from non-European Thirld World toilets who share their collectivist and authoritarian bent. THAT is an important fact and it needs to be highlighted before it can be stopped. We need to give preference to immigrants who bring value to our existing citizenry. As Ann said: “We’re nit an International battered women’s shelter.”

  • Dawn in Eastern Washington

    Sarcasm is not racism.

  • wvsusan

    These good people who are legal citizens and registered voters should stop demanding open borders and rewarding illegal aliens, and denounce the lawbreaking invaders.

  • Isn’t she that writer who was a big fan of Chris Christie? I remember liking her stuff. I got over it.

  • Jon C.

    No. She’s an effing racist and her patterns show it. She discriminates against anyone and everyone. I don’t care that you don’t agree. Get some balls. Allowing bitches like her who don’t know when to shut their big horse mouths hurts US, the USA. Wake up.

  • Jon C.

    Are you Jewish? If she insulted something you held near and dear, would you fight? Or would you just roll over? This isn’t about the left. F the left. This is about standing up for what’s right. She ain’t it.

  • Jon C.

    Guessing you may have never been polite to begin with, if your ethics can be so easily bent.

  • Joel A. Edge

    I was raised to be polite. It’s doesn’t work anymore. I’ll be adjusting to the new standard.

  • Jon C.

    Oh! I get it. Just let her slop away at the horse jaws she has and mimic what Trump does and the good ole USA will thrive, is that it? Is that what our Founding Fathers wanted? A nation of a$$holes?? YOU be an a##hole, Trump can be one, Mrs. Ed can be one,but f you if you think I’m going to stand for these clowns. No one who is a true American supports her bs.

  • Jon C.

    Oh please.

  • Jon C.

    Um, McDonald’s is in Paris, Boy.

  • Jon C.

    Holy sh*t.

  • Jon C.

    Try again. If you have a soul, find it. Stop f*cking politicizing and conferencing and ask yourself if you like representation by this hag.

  • Jon C.

    “Your people.” Bruh, she’s not MY people. She’s a racist tw$tjob. Why would I stick by anyone, my party or not, who is a douche?

  • Jon C.

    Humor about what? Very odd comment, mackykam.

  • Joel A. Edge

    Because it’s a simple ploy to get people to condemn other people for speech. It’s been going on for decades. It’s why the term ‘politically correct’ was coined.

  • She’s our first literary, conservative, “moby”. Not content with crashing the boards in anonymity, she does her mobyin’ out front, on the book circuit.

    Like that guy on the team who plays awesome defense, but intentionally “muffs” passes to the shooter on the other team.

  • Liberty

    Wow, but it’s ok for YOU to call her “a haggard old racist spinster who regrets not having children” on Twitter? Nice of you to do what you’re accusing her of doing by branding an entire group of people based on the unrelated actions of one/a few. Her never being married and never having kids has NOTHING to do with her behavior. Getting married and having kids does NOT make you better than anyone else and not being married or having kids does NOT make you worse than married parents. I see plenty of shitty married parents in this world, including on Twitter and BLOGS, especially people who think their opinions are all important and that they can call people names while denouncing them for calling people names. You big old hypocrite.

  • beijingyank

    Ann is a woman. She is not for Hillary. Let’s jump on her journalism

  • Siegel Clyne

    ROFLMAO at Ann Coulter: http://bit.ly/2fzGdnl

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    Ann Coulter is the female version of Milo Yiannopoulos. They are like little children who say outrageous things just to get attention. I don’t think they are any better than liberals who need safety pins and safe spaces based upon lies and misconceptions.