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Listen to a robocall from South Carolina demanding the Confederate flag STAY UP!

Pro-Confederate flag forces are fighting back with a robocall advocating that the “symbol of hatred and racism” stay up in front of the South Carolina capitol as instead a symbol of heritage.

Listen below:

Reports are that there are enough votes in the legislature to take it down.

As a MEXICAN, I’m OFFENDED at Obama Calling Us ‘GANGBANGERS’!! Racist.
  • Pat

    Soop, I don’t know who you think your followers are but they’re not a bunch of liberal, anti-south, history revisionist morons! The Confederate flag is NOT a “symbol of hatred and racism” as you assert. You do not know your US history and are very ignorant of the facts. I’ve noticed a racist/liberal thread in your articles that has been wearing me thin. This one may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Do your homework. Read a little about slavery in the US, why the Civil War was fought, and why the south seceded. It has little to do with slavery and nothing to do with hatred or racism. Get off that bandwagon.

  • Do you not understand how quotes work?

  • Uhmmm do you not understand how quotes work?

  • Pat

    My bad!!! Sorry for the rant but I didn’t hear the “symbol of hatred and racism” quote in the video. ???

  • RageHard84

    If the Confederate flag is racist against black folks, then why did Kanye West promote it? Why would he promote something racist against his own race?
    Another thing too, I’ve read claims that there were 6 Chinese, a small number of Filipinos and Latinos, and even blacks who were in the Confederate army. To be fair, some of the blacks were probably taken as their master’s slaves.

  • bittman

    I am from the South. To me the flag has always been seen as a symbol of the bravery of the Southerners who were willing to fight for their way of life even though they were vastly outnumbered and had an agricultural economy compared to the populous North with all its industrial companies. I’ve read about Southerners sending their sons off to war when they were as young as 12 as the war went on year after year. I understand the Left or the PC crowd has decided it is time for the Confederate flag to go. I equate getting rid of it to be equivalent to the Nazi’s burning the Germans’ books.

    A fact you seldom see in the history books is that many poor people in the South did not own slaves. Yet, according to what my Great-Grandfather (a poor farmer from Appalachia) told my Grandmother, they fought for the South because they believed the Southern states had freely joined the United States of America and, therefore, they should be free to leave the Union. In other words, they believed strongly in states’ rights. In spite what is in the history books, I believe my Great Grandfather was smart enough to know why he fought for the South. I don’t know why my two of my other Great-Grandfathers fought for the South; I suppose it was because their loyalty was with the South because, from what I understand even before the Civl War the North/South had a similar disdain for each other back then that the East&West Coast/Middle America have today. My other Great-Grandfather was out plowing his field when the Union soldiers gave him the choice of joining the North or being killed. He agreed to subscription but, since he was part Cherokee, he deserted 3-4 months later to return to his farm (hiding out in the mountains when soldiers were in the area until the end of the War).

  • Geo

    The removal of the Confederate Flag from the Capitol Dome was the result of a negotiated agreement between the parties. No sooner had the ink dried and the battle resumed.

    If they manage to gather enough votes in both houses and have it removed from the Memorial, the Memorial itself will be next. The State House and it’s grounds are as much a museum, as a museum is.

    There is no comprimising with the left, they are relentless. Maybe we all should stop making, buying and sleeping on sheets. Especially white ones, after all, the klan used them as a symbol of hate. The entire issue is ridicous.

  • My mothers family immigrated to what is now North Carolina in the 1760’s and slowly migrated west, we have been here a long time. We have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War. One of my aunts, who is the genealogy geek in the family, found references in old court house records that show we had ancestors who fought with Sam Houston to free Texas from Mexican rule. Our ancestors fought on both sides during the Civil War. We have lost family members in every war, conflict, police action, whatever name the gooberment decides to attach to it, since the beginning of this great nation and we are damn proud of our history.

    All this bullshit over a Confederate Battle Flag is just that, bullshit. I know people, like me, who have never owned a Confederate flag but we do now. I even put another flagpole up in my front yard to fly it along with state flags I bought, like the flags from Mississippi, Georgia and Arkansas, just to flaunt my pride in everyone who has died on our land. Right or wrong, over slavery or states rights, it doesn’t matter. The Civil War was fought by men who were fighting for what they believed in and they deserve to be remembered. Old Glory flies over my house day and night, properly illuminated of course, to show the pride I have in our country and now a symbol of bravery flies next to it. A little lower like it should be, but flying just as proudly.

  • Deserttrek

    nothing wrong with the flag .. only a true racist or idiot thinks there is

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