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DISGUSTING: Black Activists Take Obscene Pictures With American Flag to Beg for Money

Some pictures are floating around social media from some black activists are offending and annoying all sorts of Americans who aren’t complete dumbasses. Here’s the Facebook post of these idiots being idiotic:

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The page has since been taken down. It had more than 8,200 shares, and linked to a donation page where people could donate to these idiots to go around the country and make obscene protests against America. Pretty classy.

Here’s the dumbasses donation page… they’ve only made a few hundred bucks:

nocturnus libertus insurrecto-riotosis

UPDATE!! The Fundly page has been taken down and their account has been shut DOWN! End UPDATE!!

Charming people huh?

It Was The NRA That Made Black Church Shooting About The Confederate Flag Says Leftist Idiot John Fugelsang!
  • BigGator5

    Proof that this is not about the Southern Cross, but just hate.

  • John Howard

    The TV tells me that for just $2 a month, we can feed them in Kenya. I say we send them to Kenya and save 4 bucks.

  • magic1114

    If they’re asking for donations that means the money on their EBT cards ran out… Stay away from the crack and malt liquor, your money will last longer. And after you wipe your smelly azz with the flag, wrap it around your face!

  • Yalantrt

    I suggest creating a GoFundMe account for these people and those like them. We offer a one way ticket to any west coast African nation. They can keep the flags.

  • MMinCC

    For the millionth time, it’s such a GD shame we didn’t just pick our own damn cotton

  • BadBruceLorraine

    Lock and load boys and girls lock and load.

  • Pat

    Once and for all, would every person who hates this country please get the hell out!!!

  • ShoeEventHorizon

    That’s all very well in theory.
    Only you won’t will you compliant goy, you’ll do just as your masters tell you and only mistakenly point it towards the enemies the juwes tell you to aim at despite it ultimately being to the direct detriment of Western civilisation as a whole.

  • I don’t know what the hell you are talking about but I never did understand racist rants by someone who can’t spell to begin with.

  • Fools like this do not understand why racism is growing in our country? Gays wonder why more people are becoming homophobic? Disgusting examples like this are the reason why and all these anti-American clowns just feed fuel to the fire.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    There’s a lot more folks in America that will take a stand like the Weaver family, the Koresh church group and the patriots that stood their ground at the Bundy ranch than you think. You’re right most will, look at Germany in the 1930’s with Nazi’s being only 10% of the population. The Jews fought back but their fate was already sealed.
    Not all of us are cut from the same cloth, if we were we’d all be chicken salad liberals.


    The White man ended slavery. Jews, moors, and the Cantonese, were in Africa before Europeans. If you don’t like our nations, go to Zimbabwe.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    The gays, the minorities and immigrants are driving Americans to attitudes whites in this country hasn’t seen in 50 years.

  • dkag7

    if ovomit had a son…

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  • marcus tullius cicero

    …PLEASE, let’s stop showing and publishing these disgusting pictures of people DESECRATING our Flag…It only gives them savages a medium to mock Conservative Patriots…STOP IT!!!

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    Wallowing in self-pity; right where the Democrat Party wants to keep them.

  • The problem is they are so stupid blind that they can’t see it.

  • carnac123

    I am not surprised. I am surprised that someone printed the pictures instead of hiding them. These people are full of hate for America even though YOU work overtime to pay taxes to pay them to stay home and riot. They hate you too if you are white. There is no uniting anymore with millions and millions of these black radicals. The US is fractured and it has split because the federal government under Obama has sent the message to rad- blacks to begin uprising.