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Nuke Deal Will Be a DEATH SENTENCE For Israel, But AWESOME For Obama’s Legacy! – CNN

I caught a very odd juxtaposition of quotes on CNN that sums up why the left really doesn’t care about the threat to Israel.

Watch below or click here:

Basically, it went a little like this:

Well OK then. If I lived in Israel, I’d be very worried right now.

BREAKING! Hippy Liberal Leftist Arrested for Planning Pressure Cooker Bomb Attack in Massachusetts!
  • bittman

    The question is why is Iran acquiring also ICBMs when Israel is located close by? Is it planning to also bomb the USA before or after it bombs Israel?

  • Jack O’Spades

    The same day tax-payer supported Planned Infanticide gets busted selling parts of the babies they killed, their champions in government also sign Israel’s death warrant. Is this what I wasted those years in uniform for?
    This is why I no longer celebrate July 4th.

  • jukin

    If Obama were a muslim sleeper agent, what would he be doing differently?

  • Pat

    The Israeli’s will do the heavy lifting on this one since the US has stabbed them in the back. When the time is optimum for Israel they will bomb Iran back to the stone age. I hope it’s soon!

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  • Independent “Terrorist”

    Now why would Obama want to destabilize the Middle East, I ask you?

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