Trump Vows To KICK Escaped Mexican Drug Czar’s ASS, Czar Threatens Him, Trump Calls FBI

Yesterday the Trumpinator said that if he were president, he’d kick escaped Mexican drug czar Chapo Guzman’s ass:

Well… apparently word got down to the drug czar, who answered on what many believe is his twitter account:

As I am an American of Mexican descent, I can properly google translate this for you. It says, “keep screwing around and I’ll make you swallow all your [expletive] words, [expletive] white man [homophobic expletive].” He uses some pretty colorful language.

Watch the ABC report below:

So… Trump did what any presidential hopeful would – he called the Fibbies.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has asked the FBI to look into a threatening tweet he received in the wake of a post on the social network he wrote about Mexican drug lord El Chapo, who recently escaped from prison, ABC News has learned.

Sources tell ABC News Trump contacted the FBI’s Office in Manhattan on Monday.

I honestly doubt el Chapo would care enough to try to do anything to Trump, but to be honest, he has the resources to do so.

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  • Trump might want to think about extra security. El Shorty has almost as much money and the crazy pendejos working for him are as bad as any crazy Muslim terrorist.

  • @SpitAndSpite

    He shouldn’t call the FBI because everyone knows government is not the solution.

  • Pat

    Trump also has the resources to castrate this piece of shit and have his head in a jar on Trumps mantle. Trumps money works just as good as peso’s in el corrupto meheeeco.

  • clearthinker

    Am I alone on this? Trump has $10 BILLION DOLLARS. He can hire a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy that knows a group that can put together a super elite force to get rid of the evil bas-turd El Chapo.

    If he does, he’s got my vote.

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