ESPN Host is Being CRUCIFIED by Black Twitter For Not Toeing The line on ‘All Lives Matter’

You gotta hand it to Stephen A. Smith – he does not tow the popular line and regularly provokes the status quo thinking. Today he responded to blacks and liberals freaking out over Democrat presidential candidates saying “all lives matter” at a leftist commie convention this weekend.

Check it out!

Oh dayam! Homie sounds like a Tea Party member!! You can’t be a minority and say stuff like that! Oh wait, I’m Hispanic and I say stuff like that.

Stephen’s gonna get stabbed if he keeps going.

Wear a bullet-proof vest homie, seriously.

Then he had the gall to talk about it on radio!!

Black Twitter ain’t happy, y’all:

OK, that’s kinda funny.

And the white guilt award goes to… this idiot:

I notice that if you search for his name and the n-word, it’s only black people calling him that.

This one is pro-Smith and pretty funny:

Damn. I hope my homeboy Smith is armed for his own safety and protection. But God bless him for telling the truth.

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