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Guess What Happened When I Called The #Cuckservative Slur ‘Racist’?

It’s really sad to see so many decent conservatives suckered into defending a racist slur like “cuckservative” because they’re stubborn about idiotic leftists calling us racist. I understand the knee-jerk reaction, I totally do. But some things are just racist.

And in this case, I think the responses to my post about it are rather instructive:

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.53.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.05.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.40.22 PM



Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.58.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.06.17 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.00.43 PM

Don’t even get me started on what a cesspool of racism my comments section became on that post:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.20.08 PM

Here’s one to another conservative who happens to be a minority – do you guys really want to support this?

And they’re terribly intelligent people too, obviously much brighter than the rest of us:

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.31.04 PM

This one is pretty funny – some idiot tried to say, “no it wasn’t started by those racists, it was started by this guy!!”

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.26.51 PM

Oh wait, about that guy:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.26.18 PM

LOL! I don’t understand why these people are so angry at me, because they seem, with their racist epithets against me, that they agree with me that it’s racist. Why are they so angry? LOL!

Anyway, I sincerely implore reasonable conservatives to drop the hashtag. You’re aligning yourself with people who are attacking others purely based on race, especially other conservatives. It’s just hurting our cause.

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  • pathfinder

    The public is public chief — and the public is made up of a lot of different people who have a right to be served if it is a public service you are providing. Just like the public should equally enjoy the rights and bear the responsibilities of public law written for the public good (and that is a fine bone of contention but I digress). So for instance, if I open a public bus line, I’m pretty much going into it with the knowledge that it’s going to be open for public consumption.
    Who you care to associate with privately is a private concern enacted in private between consenting parties with the acknowledgement that it is a private affair — now, if it’s an illegal contract (like, say a private get together where you plot to kill people or sell underage prostitutes, sell weapons to terrorists, then you might find yourself on the wrong side of public law, because then your private affair would affect the public, but again I digress). So, for instance if I privately contract to do some work for somebody, I should be able to reasonably expect that I can pick and choose who I privately contract out to.
    In the meantime, yes sportsfan, you’re free to hang out with your white power buddies and say all manner of white power things you want (like every other racist group) — but you can’t force people to go along with you or agree with you, and you can’t shut up people who talk back to you or discuss how folks like you are not helping. Because you are now in the public fora, not private, public.

  • Rascal

    Is it wrong to imply something if the facts back you up? I know that whites encompassing 90+% (being conservative) of the universal liberty movement triggers you, but that is not my problem. Learn to deal with reality, and stop making excuses.

    Also, it would not be out of line to call the Libertarian movement a white youth movement with a few tokens sprinkled in, because that is quite frankly, exactly what it is. Stop hiding from the truth.

  • gastorgrab

    The facts DONT back it up.

    Your OBSERVATION is subjective. ‘Facts’ are objective. ‘Facts’ are the same regardless of your point of view. No ‘Opinion’ is objective. Just because you see things a certain way, that doesn’t mean your perception encompasses every detail about a subject.

    A person might conclude that his presence alone was responsible for the light in the refrigerator coming on when he opened the door. A closer inspection would reveal that there is a switch on the refrigerator door, but the person is happy with his initial conclusion. His perception was not the same as objective fact.

    No, Libertaianism is the opposite of Collectivsm. And just because the Democratic party has subjugated black America, that’s no reason to conclude that what few black voters which remain are any reflection of what party they choose to join. If anything it’s a reflection of Democrats.

    Collectivism , in any form, is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Only the people on top have any chance at improving their situation. A ‘collective’ always has these central planners, and they always exploit their position for personal profit.

  • Rascal


    While studies, and surveys on the demographics of Libertarian and Liberty movements can be hard to find, they do exist. I suggest you check them out, before making ridiculous claims. These are the facts I am speaking from, where exactly are yours? Or are you going to continue to use shaming, and deflection tactics, along with laughable metaphors and anologies.

    No one makes black America do anything. They are free to pull whatever lever they want to in the voting booth, and donate to any organization just like white Americans. Your excuse making is pathetic.

    I used to be a lolbertarian before I realized it is useless and would die with white America. If you want to bitch and whine about collectivism how about you at least start pointing yourself in the direction of the biggest purveyors of it, instead of just coming across as an excuse making anti white.

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  • Pteronarcyd

    Acknowledging reality is always a good thing. In this case, that means acknowledging that biological races within the human species exist, and that each race has unique characters and abilities.

  • MarkJReynolds

    Because in his world it’s not, I.e. “La Raza” or “The RACE”. Only white people, the one group that should be the most proud, are racist. Whatever that means.

  • MarkJReynolds

    “Racially exclusive collectivism” is when hypocritical, pussy ass white “Cuckservatives” like you choose to live in an all white area. Which you ALWAYS do. We on the other hand have integrity, and are honest about why we don’t want to live in an area dominated by negros or “hispanics”. Grow a pair and move to the hood, punk. Or STFU.

  • Zombie Forrest

    Negros in the US just don’t live by the same code. Look how many think you can’t be shot if you are robbing or attacking someone and you don’t have a gun.

  • Zombie Forrest

    You just posted a logical fallacy to avoid his claim. I’ve seen this trick all over the internet. People just label something a logical fallacy when they can’t engage with a claim.
    You should also have something better than Wikipedia. Also, as if your previous claim wasn’t cherry picking and an anecdotal fallacy. You also need to be more clear about the point of the fallacy.
    Almost every short post on the internet is going to contain something that is fallacious. And being logically flawed does not disprove a claim.

    Also, what about Japan or GB?

    And your quote from Ayn Rand ignores that the collective would have to agree on privacy being a valuable principle. That’s more of a libertarian/ White principle that many other peoples do not value.

  • gastorgrab

    “….your quote from Ayn Rand ignores that the collective would have to agree on privacy being a valuable principle..”


    The collective can kiss my ass. I don’t owe them anything. Within a political system that is based on individual rights, a person has no obligation to any special interest.

    The only union I am interested in is the American republic. Any subdivisions of that union which are not states, cities, counties, or individuals, DO NOT EXIST politically. They have no political power other than that of the individuals that make up those groups.

    There is no such thing as ‘White Rights’ and ‘Black Rights’. There are only rights. The particular MOB you belong to doesn’t entitle you to anything, nor does it afford you any special protections.

    The NAACP, La Raza, and the KKK, can all suck my dick! They are ‘collectivist’ trash.

  • Zombie Forrest

    Pretending that you live in a cave doesn’t really work. The protection of your individual rights depend on government organizations treating everyone fairly. They do not. Blacks are allowed to burn cities. Minorities are given special privileges in college admissions and the workplace. Illegals invade our country with impunity and have ruined the job market in the construction field.

    You’re living in a fantasy land. Classical liberalism was developed by Whites, and we are seeing that other races don’t like it and will not respect it.

  • gastorgrab

    “Classical liberalism was developed by Whites”


    I’m still confused by your position. If you support Classical Liberalism, then you generally oppose collectivism.

    You’ve correctly identified what is wrong with our government practices as showing improper favoritism towards a special interest group, but then you propose that the solution is to show favoritism towards a different special interest group. That’s akin to fixing a tire that’s low on air by letting some
    of the air out of a tire on the other side of your car. That doesn’t
    fix the problem at all. It only compounds it.

    Our system was designed to work through individual rights, not group rights (5th Amendment: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless …..”). Our problem is that government attributes certain political status to special interest groups, in violation of the Bill of Rights. Each individual has the constitutional right to be judged on their merit of their own actions.

    The solution to our political problems is NOT more discrimination to offset the original discrimination. The clear solution is to set things back the way we know they should be.

  • Zombie Forrest

    You’re too slow to get it. If others don’t agree to support the tenants of classic liberalism, such as free speech, property rights, legal gun ownership, you won’t have it. You can’t separate yourself from others, but it is a common delusion by old people on the right. You have a jury of peers; you don’t get to decide your own guilt.
    And nobody is advocating special rights for Whites. We are advocating against allowing special privileges to minorities and allowing poorly educated religious extremists into our country. And if White people want to live around Whites, they should be allowed to.

  • gastorgrab

    Yeah, that must be it. I’m just to slow to accept that ‘white supremacy is our salvation’.

    The only reason to advocate for collectivism is to lobby (or threaten) for special rights and privileges for your group, whatever that group may be. Even street gangs know this.

  • Zombie Forrest

    You’re always a part of collectivism. You can’t escape it. Even if you are on a subsistence farm and produce your own electricity and never leave your farm, you still depend on laws to protect your property and people to enforce those laws.

    It’s interesting that you called me a White supremacy, when all I have argued is that classic liberalism is a White ideology and that Whites should be allowed to have their own communities. Are the Japanese Japanese supremacists? They do not differentiate between ethnicity and nationality. To them it is the same thing, which does not mean that the Chinese living in Japan become Japanese. They would still be Chinese.
    Are Israelis Jew supremacists? Would you even dare say that?

  • gastorgrab

    “Are Israelis Jew supremacists?”

    The existence of ‘Israeli Arabs’ would tend to discount that example.

    Hamas, on the other hand, is a good example of supremacism. They don’t allow Jews into their collective.

  • Zombie Forrest

    Didn’t touch Japan did you? Israelis sure have been nice to those Arabs living in their borders.
    Blacks were allowed to live in the plantation South and South Africa in during apartheid.
    Living within the borders is a very flimsy retort.

  • gastorgrab

    Some of those Israeli Arabs are members of the IMF.

    As far as Japan goes, that nation wasn’t made up of parts of other nations like ours was. And every nation has a right to protect their national culture, and should do so with their immigration process.

    The same applies to the United States. If an immigrant wants to join the American club, he MUST have the permission of the American people, and he MUST be willing to assimilate into the American culture. We have enough problems with people here setting up ‘Cultural Confederacies’ as it is.

    Multiculturalism is nothing more than a new spin on Separate but Equal. It establishes a different standard for people based on what special interest group they belong to. I refuse to recognize their claim to any special treatment. The same rules should apply to everyone in exactly the same way. No exceptions!

  • Zombie Forrest

    HAHA! You know nothing of Japanese history. What a pathetic reach on Israel’s treatment of Arabs!

    I agree with your second sentence. You’re starting to make some sense, but how long are we going to keep supporting blacks and pretending that many of them don’t cause problems? How long are we going to keep our southern border open and pretend it is the nice thing to do?

  • gastorgrab

    The inner cities are uncivilized because ‘the collective’ has replaced the family unit. The welfare state created the barbarians, and the same techniques can be used to destroy any culture, or race.

    ‘Family’ is the core of every human culture throughout history. If a people could not build a family, they certainly couldn’t build a society. For too many American blacks, a welfare check now serves the role of family. If you replace that natural social structure with anything artificial, that culture WILL collapse.

    It’s not really black culture anymore since it doesn’t spring from the black family unit. It’s ‘Progressive’ culture. And it’s the same culture that all the self-destructive Liberal weirdos are practicing. The want to live with mommy and daddy government forever, and they want to be provided with everything they could possibly want.

  • Zombie Forrest

    You’re assuming that blacks ever built nuclear family units. Look at Africa. They don’t. It’s just never been that common for them.

  • Snakes on a Car

    Aren’t you playing ethno/racial identity politics when you label yourself as ‘soopermexican’ and ‘latino’?

  • Snakes on a Car

    Progressiveism is bad.
    The only group in America that votes against Progressiveism are the White gentiles.