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Trump Calls Krauthammer An ‘Unbelievable Clown’ Over This Debate Commentary

The Trumpinator continues his post-debate assault on Fox News, fueled by the many tweets of support for his performance, and some conservatives’ criticism for what they saw as unfair questioning.

Fox News did indeed see a YUGE jump in ratings over the debate. Probably the best ratings ever in the history of the world. Phenomenal ratings.

The Krauthammer has been an outspoken critic of Trump, and the Donald doesn’t appreciate the network making sure everyone loves the Donald after snatching those high ratings.

It must have taken the Donald a while to get to the news, because Krauthammer’s comments were from last night:


I love the Krauthammer, and although he might have overdone it by calling the performance “the collapse of Trump,” it’s ridiculous for the Donald to call him a clown. It just shows how thin-skinned he is. Not to mention that he called Megyn Kelly a “bimbo:”

I think the BIG question given how poorly Trump has reacted to the debate, is what can we expect once he goes before a liberal moderator? It’s not gonna be pretty.

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  • Poli hater

    They all earned Trumps citique….
    Not that i care for his Progressive Ass but at least he doesn’t smile to your face then stab you in the back. Besides, i am sick to death of this cordial smiling political back stabbing BS.
    Give’m all knoves and lets see Blood!!!
    There all scum anyway

  • MicahStone

    “Krauthammer: Marco Rubio Has Chance To Be Next JFK”

    –this from the guy who took MORE THAN FIVE YEARS to figure out the disaster that is OBOZO!!!! (Having some “white guilt” issues, Charles?) His judgment is as pathetically bad as that of Ann “Christie is our savior” Coulter!

    Calling TheKraut a “clown’ is WAY too kind.

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  • BeevaloBill

    False premise Micah

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