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HOLY CRAP The Oath Keepers Are Preaching to Ferguson Protesters ABOUT THE GLORIES OF DONALD TRUMP

First we get news that the Oath Keepers are in Ferguson. Now this… absurdity:

I am flabbergasted.

Ferguson Shooting Victim Identified – Was ‘Good Friend’ Of Mike Brown?!?
  • The Serf

    Dude, this would be comedy gold if there weren’t people rioting in the streets and people getting murdered.

    Whoo hoo, we are going to save your black arses by getting you a spot on the Apprentice next to Geraldo’s moustache and Joan Rivers corpse while we kick some wetback booty across the Rio Grande, yee hah!

  • Loony? Maybe but every journey starts with the first step and if this goofy white guy can get just a few of the black folks he is talking at to understand that white folks are not their enemy, the government is then why not try?

  • BigGator5

    I can’t even… what?

  • Barbara Ann

    Amazing. Well what exactly has the Democrat Party done for them in the last few decades? You have to give something else a try instead of the same ole BS

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  • Trump’s go a lot of bling. Everyone of all colors can appreciate that.

  • gastorgrab

    I know far more about what Donald Trump dislikes than I know about his future actions, ‘if elected’. Just saying ‘what everyone is thinking’ is not a real platform.

    Doesn’t everyone know how to complain? Has Trump said anything than any of us haven’t been saying for the past 8 years? The only difference here is that Donald Trump has a much bigger voice, and he has enough money to where no one can intimidate him. He cant be silenced.

    I wanna see him adopt actual plans before I support him. Until he does that his funny one-liners amount to useless platitudes; “I’m gonna turn over a new leaf ….”, “I’m gonna burn the candle at both ends…..”, “Hope & Change”, etc.

  • © Sponge

    Owebama told America EXACTLY what he was going to do and they elected him ANYWAY.

    “I think if you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
    “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.”
    “What I don’t like about The Constitution is, it tells the government what it CAN’T do.”

    Trump is trying a different approach to see just exactly how dumb and uninvolved the average American voter is.

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  • Pat

    Outrageous!!! I am also FLABBERGASTED that a white American would actually express their opinion on their candidate of choice!!! This MUST be stopped!!! SM, you and everyone else in the media live in a clueless bubble.

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  • InVinoVeritas

    I’m sad to see this. I will never call a vet a fool unless he’s a lefty, but these guys, well, what can I say? They’re supporting a fraud. I would have thought they’d be smarter.

  • pathfinder

    Marketing can do wonders to make a person support things unquestionably. Never underestimate the ability to bend a person’s desire to do the right thing to less altruistic purposes.

  • RageHard84

    An issue with Trump is I’m not sure we can trust him. He’s donated to Dems in the past and flip-flopped on issues. Not to mention he’s kind of narcissistic and the way he treats people.

  • RageHard84

    When you put it that way, why do they keep voting Democrat? As somebody who has straight privilege, male privilege, and cisgendered privilege in the eyes of the SJWs, what has Obama done for straight people lately?

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