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We earlier reported that there was another police shooting in Ferguson, and while it flared up and then calmed down, it looks like the city is getting ready to explode yet again.

Here are some videos on social media:

Of course they’re going to take this time to burn an American flag, cuz why not, right?

And for people whining that these are “peaceful protests” – here’s a glass bottle being thrown at cops:

And other tweets:

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as it develops.

Lunatic Liberals Interpret The Constitution By Moonlit Illumination
  • Buddy

    Well not quite America’s Mogadishu, but well on the way.

  • jukin

    CS GAS is CS GAS.

    When I hear about the horror of black children being shot and killed for just living there, blm will gain some credibility.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Well, here we go again…


    what if it is other blacks killing the children like has been the case many times? And the drama of the poster of the photo is so over the top! Those kids are just watching from the porch. Parenting in this case would to have them in the back of the house, doing their homework, while the head of the household was actively looking for a better neighborhood to raise children.

  • Circa53

    ..afros Deeeetroiting another town..

  • aliswell

    Da face masks dey be racizzts cuz deys all wyte.

  • aliswell

    To the black woman sitting on the porch, stop appropriating white women’s hair color and styles.

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  • Bilko

    And their money.

  • PharmDoc61

    Point a stolen gun at a cop and get shot, it’s not rocket science.

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  • These people are not using any sense at all. A black man aims a gun at a cop, he gets shot. What’s not to understand about that. I think all the cops should be given 60 days vacation with pay and let the locals deal with their own problems.

  • Those porch people, smh,, pretty damn funny