WHITENESS CONFIRMED!! Family Member OUTS Shaun King’s LIES about his RACE!!

Yesterday we reported on how “Black Lives Matter” leader Shaun King was being accused of lying about his race in order to get into college and receive an Oprah Winfrey scholarship. While he keeps vaguely denying the allegations, it looks like a family member is outing the lying whitey!

Watch below:


LOL! Yes, he’s been “Rachel Dolezalling” us all!! That’s how bad race relations are in America – white people are now pretending to be black in order to get ahead!!!

‘Black Lives Matter’ to PROTEST TRUMP Rally, Say Morons Who Met With Hillary!
  • MikeO

    He an Rachel could start a family and have the first second-generation ‘post-racial’ black kids!


    well, at $160K per year, he should start paying Oprah back, or paying for a real black kid to go to school. As the fraud he is…..gainful employment should be hard to obtain. I know I wouldn’t hire that lying cracker!

  • wupwup

    do you think its ok to call whites crackers and blacks nig gers?

  • feralcat

    He just wanted to get some of that black privilege.

  • Logical Hacker

    Isn’t this like pretending to be a gay?

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    As he goes on about all the challenges he has had to face in life, it is now acceptable to say “Who cares? Joint the club!”

  • jukin

    A simple blood test will tell if he is black.

  • Ron Noyfb

    I am now a white Mexican since that is where we seem to be headed.

  • Thea Goodman

    How much longer will it take before people realize that “Barry Obama” is doing the same thing?. I have contended from Day one that he is Eurasian with the intent to get America into a Trotsky race war so the country will be brought down then recolonized to the London bankster cartel. The only thing his presidency has accomplished is to allow the looting and pillaging of our jobs.Is China going to be the army to invade us? Then there is this nastiness about Jade Helm 15 –where did that come from?
    I have been suspended from Twitter again for not giving up the cell phone number for the smartphone i do not have. I wasn’t aware it was a prerequisite. Everything i have read indicates it is optional to have a phone and not a requirement. You can reach me at https://thegoodmanreport.wordpress.com/ in the meantime until Twitter finally realizes I am telling the truth about this.

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  • NRPax

    20 dollars is 20 dollars.

  • RageHard84

    A question I’d like both him and Rachel Dolezal to truthfully answer is “Why did you lie about your race?” I may not get it, though.

  • RageHard84

    Who pretended to be gay now?

  • RageHard84

    I’m a white Asian!! 😉

  • @bradoplata

    So I wasn’t being racist when I said he was uppity?

  • Michael Onoo

    Remember this is the guy who stole donations from the BLM heroes Tamir and Eric. Google for full story