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‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists Trying To SHUT DOWN Minnesota State Fair! [VIDEOS]

Apparently the morons of the Black Lives Matter movement think that shutting down a family event will make white people want to admit they’re racist or something. These people are utter geniuses at persuasion!!!

Here are some videos and images from social media:

And they mock their white liberal allies! LOL! Love it:

“We do this for Mike Brown.”

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  • @bradoplata

    Minnesota deserves every bad thing that happens to it.

  • gonzomatic

    it was an amazing protest today, and by the end of it….. nothing had really changed

  • wojosr

    if they want to make a difference in black lives march in chicago and baltimore and other cities where 100’s of black lives are being murdered by other blacks. many more than any being shot by police

  • CatwomanMN

    Wow so you idiots blocked traffic, tried to gain entrance ILLEGALLY and were shouting how you were doing this for Mike Brown a known THUG who beat up his own mother, was a thief, did drugs and was basically a POS. And all you whites marching with them You can all go to Africa with all these protesters. When will you idiots understand we will NEVER condone support for criminals!!!
    Your cause is nothing more that being thugs. No support here, LOL!!!

  • InVinoVeritas

    Yeah, LOL! Really! This state elected Jesse Ventura as governor and has elected Al Franken twice (with HUGE, state-condoned voter fraud).

    People joke about California, but the people in states like MN are even crazier and stupider than Californians.

    There needs to come a time when these people are more worried about possibly getting a bullet through their skulls than they are about which road or gate they gleefully shut down with their little signs, big mouths, and fat, smelly bodies.

  • InVinoVeritas

    The only thing that changed is that some lardasses got a little exercise for once.

  • InVinoVeritas

    Who gives a shi+, really? I’d rather they stay home, stuff some more fried chicken and biscuits into their pieholes, listen to their arteries harden, and just STFU.

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  • The Ghost of Michael Brown

    I know you muthafuckas ain’t tryin’ ta get ma’ cigarillos!


    Are these folks actually buying tickets to get into the fair….or are they being “resilient” and trying to enter without paying….which is unlawful. My guess is the latter. So is this fair a job fair or a rides and games fair? Again, my guess is the latter. Hey, it is not racist to say that. Given all the info on unemployed minorities, it’s a “FAIR” question.


    They don’t feel safe in those cities. More likely to be shot there, than NYC

  • Davillus Hynzerelli

    the apologist maggots need a dose of black beatings hopefully they get pummeled into comas