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EVIL: Diplomat From Saudi Arabia Arrested For GANG-RAPE Of Mother And Daughter Over FOUR Months

I don’t even know what to say about this. Just read the terribly evil details from the Indian Express:

A diplomat from Saudi Arabia is among those booked for gangrape and wrongful confinement after two women — a woman, 44, and her daughter, 20, from Nepal — were rescued from his residence in Gurgaon after a raid on Monday night, police said.

The women, who were hired as domestic help, were allegedly kept as “hostages for more than a month”. Their medical examination has confirmed rape and sexual assault.

The two women were rescued from the diplomat’s apartment in Caitriona Towers, Ambience Lagoon on Monday night. The raid was reportedly planned after the police received a letter from the Nepal embassy regarding their plight.

Police sources said the two women employed by the diplomat’s family had been allegedly raped, assaulted, threatened and forced to have unnatural sex over a period of four months.

Remember, the Saudi Arabians have been our “allies” for decades. And Hillary received millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation from this government.


“The raid was conducted on Monday at the Caitriona Towers house of a senior diplomat in the Saudi Arabia embassy after a tip-off. Several policewomen were assaulted by the guards of the diplomat when the police team sought to rescue the two maids from Nepal who had been held hostage for more than a month,” said Rajesh Kumar Chechi, Gurgaon Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime).

“They (the victims) were brought to the police station and later sent to the civil hospital for a medical examination that confirmed rape and sexual assault,” said Chechi.

While the diplomat is untraceable since the raid, he has been booked under sections 376 D (gangrape), 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural offence), 342 (wrongful confinement), 120 B (criminal conspiracy), 323 (causing hurt), 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). However, no arrest has been made so far.

The diplomat’s wife, two others from Saudi Arabia and others have also been listed as accused.

When contacted, Saudi Ambassador Saud Mohammed Alsati told The Indian Express, “This is completely false. We would not like to comment any further since the case is under investigation by the Indian police.”

The victims said that they had been violated by six men at a time, and they were threatened with knife attacks by the diplomat and his wife, who participated and supported the acts.

German Chancellor Merkel BEGGED Syrian Refugees To Come A Week Ago…

  • Beentheremovedaway

    Sadly I think this the norm, not an aberration! Muslims are a plague.

  • Kelly Zat

    There are videos on Liveleak of Saudis using their foreign maids as pinatas with the wives egging them on to beat the women harder. These people are disgusting. Honestly, I want nothing to do with anyone from that part of the world and I think they are incompatible with the west and should not be allowed here as immigrants or refugees until they change their cultures. If they never do, then let them wallow in their sewers.

  • RageHard84

    As someone who is part Asian, I wonder why so many poor people from Asian countries get enslaved by these Muslims. Heck, how do these Muslims manage to purchase innocent foreigners from any continent? And why is this something of the Arab Muslims? I don’t hear much of the Malays, Indonesians, Sub-Saharan African Muslims, Kurds, or even Iranians doing this nonsense.

  • Rob

    Rag doctrine says, Remove the offending appendage.
    And reality says stuff it down his throat till he chokes to death, oh and please put it online for our viewing pleasure

  • pathfinder

    One, the workers are poor and go after advertised work; two, with the way Saudi society is constructed, it’s pretty easy for them, once there, to fall through the cracks; three, with the way Saudi society is constructed, they have no qualms about abusing people — it’s their “right” as they are the best and purest of Muslims and thus are entitled/destined to lord over all (including other Muslims and defintely over kuffar) — other people aren’t even people to them, less than people even. That mindset has never boded well for decency towards one’s fellow men (and definitely not women).
    Now, the countries these folks come from could warn them off, but hey, poor people, and Saudi cash is also a nice inducement unfortunately.


    Yeah. And the biggest rag here lately…has been “White Privledge” I like to see the same “WP” pukes spend some time over there…get their priorities straight….

  • RageHard84

    I know the Ottomans and Arabs were enslaving Europeans and Africans back in the day. I suppose Islamic culture finds it acceptable to enslave non-Muslims.

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