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CNN’s Smerconish Responds On Air To My Criticism of His Equating Kim Davis To The TALIBAN

It looks like my little critique got under CNN host Michael Smerconish’s skin. Or maybe he was just happy someone watches his show and got his name right for once.

In any case, last weekend we caught him equating Kim Davis, the Kentucky County clerk who went to jail rather than approve of same-sex marriages, to the murderous terrorists of the Taliban. I sent just the right amount of measured opprobrium his way.

This morning, he responded:

Now, his argument that the same comparison was made on Fox News sounds like a good one unless you look a little closer. It’s purely rhetorical sleight-of-hand when you consider the difference between saying that one thing might lead to another, as a legal precedent, and saying that they are simply equal. In his first comment, Smerconish petulantly equated the actions of Kim Davis with that of a murdering terrorist group, without qualifying that he meant anything about legal precedents.

Secondly, it was just as stupid a comparison when Smerky made it as when Shepard Smith made it later, and I noted that here. 

Thirdly, I’d like to add that I’m not even terribly convinced that Kim Davis did the right thing, even though I am a Christian believer and I’m against same sex marriage. I just couldn’t let his hyperbole go without pushing back.

Finally, he actually cites natural law theory as something that we can’t implement in our law because it will be too destructive of our legal system. But in saying this, he’s utterly rejecting the natural law origins of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the political philosophy  of most of the founders. It’s almost as if Smerky believes our legal philosophy was established 20 years ago on a materialistic, atheist, humanist foundation, and forgets everything since the founding, and everything that philosophically led to the founding!

All of this is absurd on its face.

Which is why it was welcomed by the 12 viewers that watch CNN on Saturday mornings.

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  • Kelly Zat

    He’s still an idiot and a disingenuous one at that. The first amendment covers all faiths, as much as it pains me. Though I believe Islam is a political ideology and not a religion but then that’s just an opinion.

  • Sooper! Sooper! Sooper! You’ve hit the big leagues, man. I’ve seen you quoted on Fox by Perino and now this guy. Publicity, all free of charge!! I bet Smerconish googled his name and popped up on your page. Narcissist.

  • Hey Sooper! At least 5 more people now know who you are today! Surely 5 people watch this loons show, don’t they?
    Anyway, Davis could have handled things differently, she could have told the gays to go to another clerk for a license since she did not believe in gay marriage, but she did not need to be tossed into jail. All the foolish actions of this judge did was give Davis a legal reason to sue because her freedom of religion rights were being denied.
    All the legal eagles and TV pundits are saying the judge was right, Davis should have been jailed because she broke the law. I would ask them why they are not raising hell about the mayors of sanctuary cities not being thrown in jail for breaking the law. Going against a Supreme Court ruling, not a law in the strictest sense, is not nearly as bad as breaking federal immigration laws so why no prison time for those who openly do so?

  • RageHard84

    How can you compare her to the Taliban? She never committed or promoted killing innocent people.

  • Geo

    If you got under this dopes skin, you didn’t have to go too deep.

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