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‘We Need To Study These FANATIC WHITEBOYS!!’ – Watch This Debate Go From Zero To NUCLEAR In One Minute!!

In a highly entertaining debate between Angela Box, a Tea Party conservative, and New Black Panther leader Qanell-X, the issue goes from discussing the South Carolina arrest of a student disrupting a class to whether “fanatic white boys” should be studied.

Watch below:


Wow. I think one substantive point that could have been made is that the comparison isn’t really equal, as there are no “fanatic white boys” having rallies and blaming racism for their violence the way that the black community is blaming police. Either way, damn entertaining.

Oh by the way, Angela is on the Twitters, if you’re into that sort of thing:

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  • anAmericanMom

    The only one who should be called to get the Monster out of her chair is the MOMMA! Everyone leave the class and lock the door till Momma gets there. Oh and lets hope she even bothers getting there.

  • Riiight, like that will help the kids that are in the class to learn something. You want to bet the rest of the kids in that class will pay attention when a teacher asks them to do something?

  • It is disheartening to see people who are so damn blind stupid they cannot see the idiocy in their statements. Trying to compare a few crazy white guys who shoot up churches, schools and theaters to the problems in black neighborhoods is silly at best, hiding from the truth at the worst.

  • Paul A’Barge

    She has a huge wide-on for black boys:


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  • tamquamleorugiens

    I’d say a couple of nerves were hit, it certainly galvanized the screaming match.