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UC Merced Attacker’s Manifesto PRAISED ALLAH, Cops Say Terrorism NOT A MOTIVATION!!

Apparently the police who are handling the case of the knife attack at UC Merced are blind, deaf and impervious to common sense, because they’re upset that anyone would insinuate that terrorism is a factor in the attack despite the fact that Faisal Mohammed praised Allah in a manifesto recently discovered.

Watch below:

But here are the most amazing parts of the news report:

These morons must be NFL referees in their off-time, because they are clueless.

More from ABC 7 News on the manifesto discovered:

UC Merced Chancellor Dorothy Leland says personal animosities, not a political agenda, motivated 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad from Santa Clara in Wednesday’s multiple stabbings on the school’s campus. Authorities say the stabbing of four people at UC Merced was not related to terrorism.

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office said the coroner was performing an autopsy and found the suspects manifesto on him.

According to the sheriff the suspect intended to shoot people, attack a police office and had a specific target in mind who had kicked him out of a study group. The suspect listed students by name. He had planned to tie students to desks and draw out police to steal a gun and shoot people.

The sheriff said this is not terrorism, just a step above a high school grudge, but the suspect did praise Allah in his writings.

Oh yeah, a mass murder is planned by a Muslim who praises Allah in his plan? Clearly this is just teenage angst.

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke said at a news conference that a bomb squad recovered Mohammad’s backpack, which contained hand-cuffs, night vision scope and duct tape. Mohammad also had petroleum jelly, which Warnke described as s a “poor man’s C-4,” a military-grade explosive.

He says there was a handwritten list of items to put in the backpack, and officials recovered them all except for scissors. Police shot and killed Mohammed.

Warnke says there was nothing to indicate Mohammad would lash out violently.

Good Lord in heaven, we’re doomed.

Eyewitness Video Of Active Shooter In San Diego That SHOT At Police
  • guy

    all mooslimes are GUILTY, if they are not actively doing anything to stop the 10-30 % of their brothers and sisters from MURDERING OTHERS . THEN THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. so ok lets import 200000 or hey why not 2000000 more mooslimes because only 10-30 % will kill or at least attempt to kill you yea sounds like a great plan trump TRUMP TRUMP

  • Michael Onoo

    When was the last time you saw Buddhists go on a stabbing spree? Ever see any Amish go on Jihad? These crimes are almost always Muslim jihad. Don’t be suaded by a lying political class and subservient MSM

  • Lou Hodges

    On the other hand, they live for the holy war. Now he’s just a common criminal


    The storyline, that the media wants us to ‘digest’ sounds well, stupid…

    Again I say why are they NOT posting these so called “manifestos” for the CITIZENS, the PUBLIC to see…??

    WE all KNOW how the MEDIA likes to DRIVE THE ‘NARRATIVE’ we are on to their GAME they PLAY with US CITIZENS…we know you are untrustworthy!


    Post the dam So called Manifesto!! So we can
    KNOW ‘who’ these people really are and what they really think! Let us make our own determination..

  • ICA

    The Sheeple must be kept calm.
    Or they may/WIL rise

    The American Media ccan not be trusted, even if they say the sun rises in the east.
    They brought this upon themselves.

  • I have noticed the lame stream media became very quiet after the identity of this failure of a jihadist came to light. If this had been some crazy white kid waving the Confederate battle flag the LSM would still be raising all kinds of hell. I wonder when the liberal loons will start calling for all knifes to be registered?

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