UN-EFFING-BELIEVABLE! Mizzou Protesters Are ANGRY Paris Terror Attacks Stole Their MEDIA SPOTLIGHT!!!

I just can’t believe these people. They’re absolutely abjectly amoral. When I originally posted it, the story went viral and they’ve all deleted their tweets but I have screenshots!!

Alasia Justine already deleted hers:

And so did this lady:

Apparently “@SleazeMontana” didn’t like the response so he deleted his tweet, but UH OH, the internet is forevah!!

Also deleted:

Aaand it looks like @jkleimz deleted his heinous tweet too. Oh wait.. wait.. I think.. yup here’s a screenshot!!

UPDATE: A follower sent me a screenshot of this sparkling moron:

I am just speechless. These are monstrously stupid and amoral people. Unbelievable.

[h/t Matt Dawson, podcast squatter and Deportation Force stormtrooper]

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