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SEVEN Videos Of Obama’s ISIS Plan Being SLAMMED On Sunday News Shows

The Sunday news shows couldn’t help but notice how Obama’s policies against ISIS have failed completely and they really put him through the ringer over it.

Frances Townsend says Obama’s focus was all wrong:

Former CIA Deputy Director Morell outlines all of ISIS’ successes this week. There are a lot. He says the threat in Brussells shows ISIS was planning a “wave of attacks” in Europe.

There are over a THOUSAND investigations into possible terrorist operations in the U.S. right now:

California commie Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein said Obama’s ISIS plan is weak and insufficient, and conditions have gotten worse, not better:

Obama’s own former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says Obama has confused our allies and enemies:

Leon Panetta says Obama just isn’t doing enough:

Even while defending Obama’s policy, Ambassador Mcgurk who is tasked with defeating ISIS says of them, “we’ve never seen anything like this before”:

Doesn’t sound like a “JV team” to me…

But none of this matters. By the time Obama wakes up at the crack of noon on Monday and starts reading the newspapers to find out about what’s going on in the world, things will continue to get worse…

EVEN SYRIAN AMERICANS Don’t Want Syrian Refugees In America!!!

  • vrajavala1

    sen Feinstein should ask for a panel of 9 psychiatrists to judge the mental competenxe of Barry

  • Pat

    Our children and grandchildren will never understand how so many Americans could have been so stupid to vote for a man and a Party that is so inept, destructive, and corrupt. “Why liberals are so detached from reality” will hopefully become the national pastime to analyze after the coming carnage occurs. That’s assuming we survive what’s coming.

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