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Was The Colorado Shooting Actually ‘Transgender Terrorism’?

So this is really freakin’ weird. According to voting records that people are finding on the internet, the Colorado shooter Robert L. Dear, identifed as a woman:


Notice also that his party registration is “unaffiliated.”

Now this could be a mistake because this dude does not look like a transgender anything:

Then again maybe he/she is just really good at it. Who knows?

According to a past neighbor, he wasn’t too right in the head none neither:

James Russell, Dear’s former neighbor in a rural area near Black Mountain, North Carolina, described him as a man who lived in a cabin without electricity or running water and rambled during conversation.

“If you talked to him, nothing was very cognitive — topics all over the place,” Russell told The Associated Press.

Liberals are gonna freak out at this, but it really does seem like he was just mentally unstable.

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