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Political Correctness KILLS: Neighbor Suspicious, Didn’t Report For Fear Of Being Called RACIST!

Just like with the Major Nidal shooting, it sounds like multiculturalism and political correctness might have led to the slaughter of Americans because someone was scared to be called a “racist.”

In this report from KABC, a neighbor of the Muslim terror suspect in Redlands, California, says that other neighbors were suspicious of the Middle Eastern men and their activities, but didn’t do anything out of it for fear of “profiling” them.

I posted a longer clip at the Right Scoooooop

More from CBS Los Angeles:

As darkness fell, police continued to search the home in Redlands. Officers entered the home with a battering ram and were taking precautions due to a belief that the home could be rigged with explosives.

It was not immediately known whether the Redlands home was owned by Syed Farook or his family members.

One neighbor said he noticed that a group of six Middle Eastern men moved onto the street a few weeks ago but did not file a report as he did not want to appear to be racially profiling his neighbors.

We can’t say with any certainty that if that neighbor had reported it to authorities that they would have been able to stop the slaughter.

But maybe they would have had a chance. And what stopped that neighbor from reporting it was the social justice indoctrination that we’ve all received to not “profile” others.

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  • EnoughIsEnough

    The suspicious neighbor was “clock-boyed” into silence.

  • guy

    well our glorious leader did say “that it is time to punish your enemies and reward your freinds ” AND “the future will not belong to those who defame the name of the profit” THEY WERE JUST FOLLOWING THE AMERICAN IMAMS MARCHING ORDERS

  • Michael Onoo

    Only profile crackers

  • elizabethrc

    I wonder how many of those new muslim neighbors are here illegally.
    The backlash is coming. It’s inevitable.

  • Michael Taylor

    No backlash is coming. If you are branded a racist, you’ll lose your job and possibly face charges. White men have been screamed at to walk on eggshells for 40 years. I can see why the guy kept quiet. Wrong thing to do, but he was programmed as a good liberal.

  • bubba2001

    PROFILE, PROFILE, PROFILE! I haven’t received any social justice indoctrination.

  • bubba2001

    That’s why I carry everywhere now, and 3 magazines.

  • bubba2001

    Just get a good lawyer who’s ready to sue anyone at the drop of a hat.