WSJ Poll Shows Trump Losing To Ted Cruz As Candidates Drop Out…

There’s a new Wall Street Journal poll showing Donald Trump still far ahead in first place:

UPDATE: Here’s a video breaking down the numbers in the same way I did:

But this is the most surprising and hopeful result for Ted Cruz supporters – here’s what happens when they go head-to-head:

WOW. Ted Cruz beats Trump by a whopping 8%, meaning that given just the two choices, many more conservatives rush to Ted from the other candidates than rush to Trump.

That’s gotta be good news for the Cruz campaign as we get closer to Iowa where many expect candidates to drop out.

Here’s more from the new poll:

Some REALLY bad news for Marco Rubio fans:

Except for this surprising result:

So, once again, it really does look like a two-man race between Cruz and Trump, with Rubio having a slim chance at third.

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