Trump Supporters Are LOVING This Viral Video Made By White Supremacists!!

The Trump-humpers are hopping around and hooting and hollerin’ over an “AWESOME” video made in support of the Donald, but there’s one little problem with it – it’s made by White Supremacists!

One of Trump’s biggest leg-humpers, Wayne Dupree posted it on his website:

The video takes scenes from Terminator 2 and splices in the faces of Trump, Cruz and Marco Rubio. But oddly, nobody seems to care that the creator’s name is “Aryan Wisdom.”

And the account links to a website that supports former KKK Democrat David Duke, and White Supremacist hate-site StormFront:

Great job fellas!!! Nobody seems to care though. They’ve pushed the stats in the video to a quarter of a million views.

Oh look here’s part-time Trump surrogate and full-time dumbass Scottie Nell Hughes publicizing the White Supremacist video:

LOL!! Her job is literally public relations, and she’s pushing a White Supremacist job for el Trumpo. Amazing.

I mean it’s not like the video is HIDING that they’re racists. It says “Aryan Wisdom” right in the author’s field!!!

These people are morons.

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