BREAKING!! Here’s How Trump Is PLOTTING To END TED CRUZ’s Political Career!!!

We knew it was coming – this morning’s absurdly childish and infantile outburst from the cheeto-faced moron signaled that Ted Cruz has really gotten under his thin skin and he wasn’t about to let it go.

Well here’s what he’s planning to do about it:

Donald Trump plans to create and fund super-PACs specifically aimed at ending the political careers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich should either run for office again, after both snubbed the Republican nominee during his party’s convention this week, a source familiar with Trump’s thinking told Bloomberg Politics on Friday.

The plan would involve Trump investing millions of his own money –perhaps $20 million or more — in one or two outside groups about six months before their respective election days if Texas Senator Cruz or Ohio Governor Kasich stand for office again. The source said Trump is willing to set up two separate super-PACs – one for Cruz and one for Kasich – and put millions into each.

This is fascinating – for months the Trumpendejos have been assaulting us with the idiotic jibe “if you only fought Hillary as much as you fought Trump we’d be winning!” Well now it looks like this orange-faced idiot is going to waste his resources going after Republicans!!!


The source said that Trump would be willing to invest tens of millions more if necessary to ensure his former competitors didn’t win another race. Of course, the ire that Trump has exhibited in the aftermath of the bitter nomination contest could fade over time, leading the sometimes mercurial billionaire to drop the plans.

The source said that despite another former nomination rival Jeb Bush skipping the national convention and refusing to back the Republican nominee, Trump “does not care” about doing the same against Bush because the former Florida governor is already “destroyed.”
What a childish idiot. And what makes us think that he would be any better with the full power of the federal government behind him? This is obscene and pathetic – just what we’ve come to expect from the authoritarian dimwit.