Doomed Donald Trump Collapsing In Election Betting Markets!

It’s one thing to put your faith in polls, but betting markets are where people put their money down, and it’s looking bad for the Donald.

Just a week ago, 91% of bets to “Paddy Power” was going to Trump:

He was at 9/4 odds, which means you’d get $9 if you bet $4 and he won.

In the last few days, it’s all going Hillary’s way:

That means if you bet $3, you only get $1 in return, because she’s so favored to win.

Just 12 hours ago, the odds spin more in her Hillary’s favor as more money is bet on her:

Now you only get $1 from betting $5, and longshot Donald pays out four to one.

Here are his odds in other better websites, which make it much worse:


One funny side-note – because of the “Brexit” vote, tons of people are betting on Trump, and “Paddy Power” says they will experience a historic loss if he pulls out the upset. In fact, they were so sure of Hillary winning, they had already paid out to some customers to the tune of $1 million!!!

[h/t @GusDuque1]