Muslims Need To Call Out Adam Saleh As A Lying Opportunistic Scumbag

OK so this story broke pretty yugely this morning about a Muslim YouTube star videotaping his being kicked off of a Delta flight just for “speaking Arabic”:

The problem is that this guy is a YouTube star because he posts PRANKS on his channel, as seen below:

So it turns out that he might have been exaggerating to the point of lying about why he was kicked off. That’s what the other passengers and Delta are saying.

From Buzzfeed:

In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, Delta Airlines said Saleh and the others removed from the flight appeared to have “sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior,” suggesting the entire event may have been staged.

“While one (passenger), according to media reports, is a known prankster who was video recorded and encouraged by his traveling companion, what is paramount to Delta is the safety and comfort of our passengers and employees,” the airline said in a statement. “It is clear these individuals sought to violate that priority.”

In the past, Saleh has also had to come clean about a viral video he had produced purporting to show anti-Muslim discrimination on the streets of New York, admitting later that it had been a staged “dramatisation.”

Hmm yeah sounds like a bunch of BS to me. They clarified why they were standing on the side of the passengers and not Saleh:

Airline officials, however, said in a statement that after speaking with crew members of the flight and several passengers, they believe Saleh and his companion tried to cause the disruption with yelling and other behavior.

Marvin Avilez, a passenger on the plane, told BuzzFeed News that after speaking with five passengers who witnessed Saleh’s behavior — Avilez himself didn’t see much of it — he didn’t think Saleh was calling his mother and that the two were instigating other passengers.

Avilez said it didn’t seem like Saleh made a call, adding, “I would want to see his phone records.”

Some passengers told Avilez that Saleh’s friend was prompting Saleh to say words in Arabic and to pump his fists in the air. He said that Saleh repeated those words and pumped his fists four to five times in a “joking manner, without any hint of aggression or anger.” Still, he said, about 20 “people felt very uncomfortable.”

It really sounds like Salah and his friend were going out of their way to cause a disturbance and push it on social media when people reacted reasonably. And if that’s the case, then Muslims need to come out and decry this damnable idiot.

He’s just trying to cash in on “islamophobia” but in doing so with this hoax, he just makes things worse for Muslims, and brings on suspicion and doubt any time there’s a real “hate crime” against Muslims. So Saleh is just cashing in on the misery of his community, and that makes him a scumbag.

Even far left race-baiting loony Soledad O’Brien disputed the story:

I mean when you’ve lost Soledad…