Kellyanne Conway Is ANGRY She Can’t Answer Anderson Cooper’s Simple Question

In a really contentious interview with Anderson Cooper tonight, Kellyanne Conway demands that people be fired if their explosive report turns out to be false, but she deflects over and over from his very simple question.

Watch her outragey deflections:

UPDATE: Here’s the rest of the interview – it runs 25 minutes!!

Anderson even takes a swipe at Sean Hannity at one point, which is perfectly fine with me. But it’s really telling that Kellyanne just can’t answer his very simple question. When he demands that she say if their reporting is incorrect, she does her classic deflection of saying, “what IS incorrect is…” and wanders off about something else.

He directly points out that their reporting is not the same as Buzzfeed’s, and she just barrels through, ignoring the distinction. It’s just incredibly stupid.

What she does then is absurdly conflate the very bad reporting from Buzzfeed with the decent reporting from CNN. Anderson Cooper has to keep slowly explaining it to her, but it doesn’t matter because she knows better, she’s just lying for the sycophantic audience to swallow up stupidly and regurgitate blindly.

Is this fooling anyone? I guess it is, sadly.

  • WhittyMike

    I’m a SOOPER fan, but, given that CNN regurgitated the BuzzFeed #FakeNews, could you explain just how CNN’s reporting was any better?

  • kathy

    Included is not the same as presented. CNN said briefed. IC seems to say it was in 2 pages but not presented maybe not briefers leaking but Clapper statement suggests topic was available in briefing materials but Clapper did not say that either Obama or Trump were verbally made aware of material.

  • KWad

    Same here. Really liked Sooper but this would normally be Sooper mocking CNN being obtuse on something so obvious. CNN used the fake dossier to state he was told Russia was or had info to blackmail him. But since they didn’t release the actual fake document it is still good journalism. But the story and headline are still based on that fake document which she stated early on in the interview. Cooper just refused to beleive that it couldn’t be true anyways. Sounds just like Dan Rather. It is a fake document but the story meme is still true (with no evidence). Come back Sooper. WE love your site and humor. I think Trump will step on a big fat one someday, but not this time.

  • Fred

    CLICK…..thats the sound of me turning off CNN for good. Won’t even read news pieces with their info or focus. Losers

  • T. Scotti

    The question really should be. How is it that CNN managed to support and encourage the proliferation of the Buzz-Feed story and at the same time “technically” distance themselves just enough to not be themselves responsible for the garbage. (knowing that it was just that)
    this is what the left considers to be brilliant. And what people who truly understand the calling of the fifth estate, terrifying. How to eat your cake and have it too, (it’s called puke) and Anderson Cooper is the poster child.