Pathetic :Tucker Carlson Adds Iran-Appeasement To His Putinphilia

I really thought Carlson got curb-stomped yesterday in his debate with the inimitable Ralph Peters, but apparently he has a masochist streak in him because he brought on Max Boot to keep the debate going.

It wasn’t much better than yesterday’s debate:

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It is really obnoxious how Carlson tries to claim the higher moral ground while being so smarmy and sarcastic, but somehow he tries to do it. I think Max Boot got the better of him, especially when he has to end up defending Iran as really, when you think about it, not that bad, right?


You can tell he planned this, and did it on purpose, because he was VERY careful to ask what Americans Iran had killed IN AMERICA. Apparently, we don’t care about dead Americans being murdered by terrorists unless it’s done on American soil. All those American soldiers killed by Iranian-trained and armed militants are just fodder for Carlson’s Putinist Trumpism.

This is where the GOP is at now….

Check out his last debate where Ralph Peters knee-capped him here.