Here is the list of nutty people who listen to the SooperPodcast

So on the first sooperpodcast of 2019, we got a little bit of existential angst over the terrible state of our current politics, and we put out a call for all the listeners to come out of the woodwork and contact us. And you did!!

I wanted a running list of people who listen to our crazy podcast from Twitter – I think you should follow each other and hashtag under #sooperpodcast, because you are either terribly attractive and intelligent like me, or like Jessie Marie’s laugh, or want to know how much poke chops are from possum poacher Matt.

In any case, here’s the list – there is a top tier of patreon pappillons and others who really engage with us, and we really appreciate it.

Paul Beyer is absolutely hilarious, AND he runs our fantasy football league, two years running. WOW.

Scott Stultis is a great follow, very funny:


ZAN is too nice to Matt:

Charity is the best!

Rex still tweets under #TWPE, which was “this is the worst podcast ever,” a motto we used to use more often in the early days:

Always there is red:

David Fair – great guy.


Brock Lennon summed up what the podcast is all about:



Lisa Moyer!

Bud is basically our guest booker:

Bolivar knows me way too well:



Don Fiori is right about Jessie’s laugh:

We disappoint oney-oney-oney-wept on a regular basis:

BILLY Albrecht! Weird, but cool name.

Anna Cruz-Alvarez:


Erad…great… something:


Sorry Mac Watson, we forgot to make fun of him for this:

Norman Bates!?!?

I’ve actually been to the Universal Studios lot and gone into the original Bates Hotel!!!! Remind me and I’ll talk on the podcast about it.


COOP loves Matt so there’s something wrong with him but OK:

I honestly am very touched that so many people listen to the podcast. I think we have amazing co-hosts, with Matt, who is utterly brilliant and hilarious, and Jessie Marie, who is awesome and intelligent and keeps me in check so often. I started the podcast because people kept demanding it, and I am amazed that people still want to hear us every week. I very am grateful for all of our listeners. Thank you, sincerely.