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California law is screwing over 75,000 truckers and will make inflation worse while Dems are tanking

The California law known as AB-5 is going to screw over about 75,000 independent truckers, raise inflation for all Americans, and screw over Democrats in the midterm elections.

All because of one pro-union socialist politician.

That is Lorena Gonzalez, who used to be a crooked union lawyer, became a crooked California state politician, and then got screwed out of a promotion by Democrats trying to appease the black vote! Now she’s back to being a scummy union lawyer.

She is the person who has helped doom the Democrat party with her idiotic law.

I have written about this before and it gets rather complicated, but basically the law is designed to force independent contractors to become employees in order to force businesses to pay their benefits.

Not all of this is bad because it is true that SOME workers have been misclassified by companies in order to escape paying for their benefits. But a LOT of it is bad because SOME workers just want to be independent, and they are not allowed to be anymore.

This law was being challenged by independent truckers but the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, so it is settled for now, and all of those truckers are now screwed.

Just in time to jack up prices and worsen inflation at a time when high inflation is absolutely obliterating Democrats in the polls.

Here’s the moron on Twitter trying to defend her idiotic law:

Gonzalez makes a lot of disingenuous arguments but at the root of it all is that people working for themselves and determining their own futures dilutes the power of unions. That’s what this law is about, and that’s why she doesn’t care that it’s ruining careers and lives.

Here she is laughing that independent contractors don’t have “real” jobs.

AND in case you wanted to say this is just California’s problem, Biden is eager and ready to sign the Pro Act, which is the national version of AB-5. Luckily for us, the Democrats are so unpopular right now there’s no way to pass these laws through Congress.

When AB-5 makes inflation worse and Democrats are crushed in the midterms they’ll just be reaping what they sowed.

Here’s a news report about truckers protesting the law today in Los Angeles: