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Convicted Domestic Terrorist Tries To Hide Evidence In Cicely McMillan Assault

One of the loudest and most annoying claims of the Occupy Wall Street movement is the insistence that they are completely transparent and honest with the world, as opposed to the evil secretive corporations they are trying to destroy. Forget that one of the movement’s founding organizations was Anonymous – not known for their openness.

Recently, however, the bong-toking degenerates have gotten organized enough to try to control the information that gets out to the media, which is sympathetic to the movement anyway, in order to carefully control the narrative around Occupy Wall Street. Take, for instance, Andy Stepanian and friends, of @SparrowMedia.

Andy Stepanian has been convicted of domestic terrorism and spent 3 years in federal prison for his extremist animal activism. Apparently, he hasn’t learned his lesson, as he is aligning himself closely with the anarchists and anti-capitalist Marxists of the Occupy Movement. And in the case of Cecily McMillan, he tried to get others to cover up evidence of her vicious assault on a policeman.

As I posted before, Cecily happily skipped up to a policeman and then attacked him with her elbow as forcefully as she could – the video evidence is pretty conclusive. [see prior post]

But when even the occupiers started displaying their doubt about her innocence, Sparrow Media was there to make sure the truth didn’t get out:

The other videos actually show Cecily attacking the policeman – this video is barely 47 seconds long, and only shows the pandemonium afterwards. It might get the passions riled up, as you hear many occupiers screeching about injustice, but you don’t actually see anything. This is always the liberal Left’s strongest argument – emotion, not facts or evidence. [watch the edited video]

Our little terrorist sparrow bird also tries to control the narrative by telling people what to say:

You might think 2 retweets wouldn’t influence anyone – but he’s targeting the two largest videographers of Occupy Wall Street, Tim Pool of @TimCast, and Luke Rudkowksi of @LukeWeAreChange. They provide the narration for all the video they stream from the event, and shape the opinion of tens of thousands that will watch and repeat their observations.

After receiving the ex-con’s message, Tim sent out the following:

 Follow Sparrow Media and let me know if you see them try to cover up any more evidence, but be careful – poor little innocent Andy gets bitterly violent and will threaten your family if you so much as retweet him, as Brandon Darby of found out.

Over at the Graph, blogger @FoolishReporterdetails online threats that Stepanian has made to other conservatives. And he sure does admire and encourage filthy acts of vandalism:


Looks like Andy is just begging to get back into federal prison – maybe he made some romantic entanglements that the filthy STD-ridden degenerates of Occupy just can’t take the place of…


Peace, homie.