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The Incredible Impotence of Earth Day

If you learn nothing else from the Kony debacle, learn the conservative lesson that liberals do their hardest to brainwash wash us against – “raising awareness” is a poor substitute for real solutions.

One of the best examples is the recent political onanism* that is Earthday.

Liberal leftists have been beating us over the head with the eco-fascism of Earth Day since 1969. Think of it this way – for 43 years liberal extremists have been screeching about the environment, and in the last 5 years they’ve all of sudden happened on a “science” that proves that they were right all along, even if none of the claims made by the eco-fascists in 1969 came true, and bear little relation to the apocalyptic vision that global warming fear-mongers paint for us. What a coincidence!

As a global warming up to Earth Day, our eco-idiots have organized “Earth Hour” wherein the less intelligent Americans turn off their electricity use for one hour. Yeah. One hour.

Now this gives conservatives on twitter an hour to make fun of anyone who advocates Earth Hour while their electricity is off, and we have full reign over the twittersphere. But it also provides one an opportunity to manifest the ignorance and stupidity of these liberal “enlightenment events.”

In order to make this clear, I have composed an infographic to compare the global warming danger that the eco-terrorists whine about so loudly to the difference turning off your lights for one hour will make in a year – it’s impressive in it’s impotence:

Ironically, the proportion of the increase in CO2 over the last 50 years is almost the same as the proportion of one hour of shutting off light in an entire year. In other words, meaningless. The intellectual dishonesty of the left demands you overlook the most obvious common sense that such an insignificant part could never make a real difference. It’s all about “raising awareness” apart from any facts, reason or logic.

Well, it’s not like there’s an insanely debilitating debt that we have to to deal with. Oh wait.

So let’s take a look at what they’re ignoring…

So while Obama is whining petulantly and impotently about oil subsidies, which are $4 billion, cutting every cent of that would not make a dent in either our debt or deficit. On the other hand, Obamacare was sold to us for the cheap cheap price of $940 billion dollars, and before the program has even been in force, the Congressional Budget Office projects the price to almost double to $1.76 trillion dollars

Obama’s screeching about oil subsidies are so insignificant that they don’t even show up in comparison to the national debt, so here’s another graph apart from the precipitous, perilous debt:

Wow, look at that – even when we take out the impending doom that is our national debt, the oil subsidies that Obama castigates hardly show up as compared to the annual deficit, or Obamacare’s projected cost, or the new estimate that doubles it’s cost.

So let’s bring it all together in one simple chart – what the liberals want you to be concerned about, and what the Tea Party conservatives want you to be concerned about:

I can’t believe we ever lose an election to these idiots.

*google it.



A video explaining some of the lies that Obama spews about oil…