Obama’s Booty Bundler!

The folks at Free Beacon have been doing some great work reporting serious news stories. This one seems mostly for fun…

A major Obama campaign fundraiser wrote, directed, and produced a 2004 film titled “I Want To Strip For My Man But I Don’t Know How … Unleashing the Naughty Girl In You!” that instructs “everyday women” how to strip.

Stacii Jae Johnson, who currently serves as special events director in the office of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (D) and has bundled between $50,000 and $100,000 for the Obama reelection campaign, is a former Hollywood actress with extensive connections to the film and television industries.

I thought I would improve on the DVD cover they found of it!

I wonder if Michelle takes advice on how a woman should treat a man from this video?

“I Want To Strip For My Man” also provides useful advice for women on how to boost confidence and keep men interested. “I think we need to put on more skirts,” Johnson says in the film. Women, she advises, should get “away from the jean, and … back into wearing skirts and being dainty and cute.

She also recommends wiping off a man’s feet as he steps out of the shower. “Maybe, you know, because it creates a thing in his mind where – ‘Oh gosh, my baby just wiped my feet off before my feet touched the ground, I think I’m special’ – you know?” Johnson tells Sasha “The Flirt.”

Sasha agrees.

“Women are so used to being the ones that are pampered, and they expect it. And you never look at the man like expecting it,” Sasha says. “You know, hand him that towel as he’s coming out of the shower, maybe be like, ‘Baby you lay down, let me lotion up your body, let me put that baby oil on you, let me get you dressed, let me have your clothes ready, you know, when you come out of the shower.’”

Learning to be less jealous when your husband or boyfriend compliments another woman’s body is another key to self-confidence, Sasha adds.