Media Bias

Obama 2012, Media Matters, and the Attempt to Shut Down Conservative Speech

As we trudge our way to election day 2012, more and more malfeasance by the liberal Left is being uncovered by the unsung heroes of this election cycle – the bloggers.

This latest involves a complex web that suggests the Obama re-election campaign is coordinating with liberal activists to deceive the public that attempts to shut down conservative speech are grown from the “grassroots”, instead of being falsely manufactured by tech-savvy secretive operatives.

One such attempt was the targeting of Rush Limbaugh during the Sandra Fluke debacle. It is now known that those organizing the #StopRush campaign were using hundreds of fake identities in order to make it appear that public outrage was greater than it was.

But how is the Obama campaign involved?

Liberal attack dog Media Matters’  director of online communications admitted that the #StopRush campaign had been planned in anticipation of any comment by Rush that they might spin into a controversy. He also planned a campaign to shut down Glenn Beck and Fox News by targeting their advertisers.

While there is nothing illegal about pressuring advertisers to drop their support of political opinion shows, the story takes on a different dimension once an Obama SuperPAC is found to coordinate with these efforts, especially when using fake identities to do so.

The Daily Caller reported on the close relationship between Media Matters and the Obama administration, and the compliance they receive from ostensibly objective cable news channels:

“We were pretty much writing their prime time,” a former Media Matters employee said of the cable channel MSNBC. “But then virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.”

How does this play out? How about the despicable “WawaGate” scandal in which MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell smirked along with Chris Cillizza at a heavily edited video of Mitt Romney in order to unfairly smear him. Even when caught red-handed, neither MSNBC or Mitchell had enough shame to retract the story or apologize for the abject lie.

Media Matters’ founder David Brock, noted for his erratic and paranoid behavior, also heads SuperPAC American Bridge, which received a million dollar contribution from George Soros, and both organizations orchestrate attacks on religion while decrying conservatives in popular media.

So why are there howls in the media about the influence of contributors on the right, such as the Koch brothers, but not those on the left, when there appears to be collusion to manipulate news media, lie to the public, and subvert honest political debate?

Liberal activists tied to these subversive shadowy campaigns target individual bloggers, and may even be abusing social media to completely shut down accounts that dare to express a conservative opinion:

From Legal Insurrection:

@Shoq worked with Media Matters to launch the effort against Limbaugh, and is the Twitter user who frequently threatens to drag people at Cornell into an effort against me because of my writings about the Limbaugh secondary boycott.

From The Trenches:

Leave it to leftists to fully embrace whatever means necessary to silence their opponents’ free speech in America. In this case, they’ve violated Twitter’s terms of service by creating 500 sockpuppet accounts. Imagine an advertiser getting swarmed with varying anti-Rush messages in rapid succession all day long when Stop Rush decided to target them. It would probably be overwhelming to ordinary corporate social media personnel.

All the while, Obama’s communications head David Axelrod whines about SuperPACs destroying America:

Obama campaign senior strategist David Axelrod said Thursday that free-spending super PACs were hurting the fabric of democracy — and that President Obama’s administration would move to reform the campaign finance system in a possible second term.

If we had any kind of responsible mainstream press with a twinge of integrity, they would demand answers from the Obama re-election campaign. But there isn’t.

So it’s up to you and me.